You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Orthodontists in Madison Wisconsin

Our orthodontic specialists at Dental Health Associates are proud to help achieve the smile of your dreams. Our practice provides quality, caring orthodontic treatment for children, adolescents, and adults. While we provide top care to the patients of our general dentists at Dental Health Associates, we also serve many patients whose family dentists are located in and around the Madison area. A referral from your dentist is not necessary to be seen in our offices.

Orthodontic evaluations may occur as young as age 6 or 7. Many developing orthodontic issues can be intercepted and minimized or even prevented simply through early detection. It is never too early for a FREE screening evaluation. Your initial evaluation and any follow-up evaluations are at no cost to you. We look forward to our first meeting with you!

Nothing makes you feel more bold and positive than a great smile!

We offer the best braces and best orthodontic care in the county. In addition to traditional metal braces, we have less noticeable ceramic braces and multiple types of clear braces, including Invisalign® aligners. We have served Madison families and their kids since 1969, but now close to 20% of our orthodontic patients are adults. All of our patients find our orthodontic solutions work fast and cost less than the competition. If you’re concerned about the money, don’t be. Our financial specialists will help you get the maximum coverage from your insurance. Don’t have insurance? Thanks to our partnership with Momentum, you can sign up for orthodontic insurance in just four minutes. We have personalized payment plans so you can get the dental care you need for a healthy, happy smile. So whether you have overbite, underbite, or just want the best smile you can have, call our offices or fill out our online request form to schedule a FREE consultation at one of our 7 locations in the Madison Area today. From the first appointment to the day your braces come off, DHA Madison’s professional orthodontists will keep you grinning.

DHA Madison Orthodontic Locations

Dental Health Associates East Orthodontic Clinic
East Clinic 49 N. Walbridge Ave. Madison, WI 53714 608-246–2555 Mon - Thurs: 7:30a - 5p, Fri: 7:30a - 4:30p
Dental Health Associates South Orthodontic Clinic
South Clinic 2971 Chapel Valley Rd. Fitchburg, WI 53711 608-661-6400 Mon - Thurs: 7:30a - 5p, Fri: 7:30a - 4:30p
Dental Health Associates West-Gammon Orthodontic Clinic
West-Gammon Clinic 7001 Old Sauk Rd. Madison, WI 53717 608-833-2578 Mon - Thurs: 7:30a - 5p, Fri: 7:30a - 4:30p
Dental Health Associates West Orthodontic Clinic
West Orthodontics Clinic 7007 Old Sauk Rd. Madison, WI 53717 608-833-6112 Mon - Thurs: 7:30a - 4:30p, Fri: 7:30a - 3:30p

Orthodontics FAQs

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To schedule an appointment, please call the offices or fill out our online appointment request form.