Endodontic FAQs

Why see an Endodontist vs. a General Dentist for a root canal?

A general dentist does receive some training in treating the pulp of a tooth. The Endodontist, however, goes through another two or three years of training to specialize in this area. The additional years of training gives them an in-depth education concerning problems of this type. As a result of their specialty, Endodontists tend to see every type of problem and have years of experience in treatments.

What can I expect with a root canal?

The Endodontist’s primary objective is to save the original tooth rather than resorting to tooth extraction. One primary way to do this is to perform root canal therapy on the tooth. This means that the tooth is hollowed out and all the pulp and the nerves will be removed. Teeth that are fully developed do not need their pulp so, the hole is then filled with a rubber-like substance. After the root canal is completed, a crown will be placed on the tooth for long-term protection.