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How to Clean Dental Implants

How to Clean Dental ImplantsHow to Clean Dental Implants DHA Madison

Day-to-day cleaning of dental implants involve brushing, flossing and rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash like you would with your natural teeth. And routine dental appointments for preventative care.

Because dental implants are made from synthetic materials they are not affected by tooth decay, but can make you more susceptible to gum disease.

Dental implants are anchored into the bone and tissue allowing the possibility for food to get stuck in the areas surrounding the dental implant. Trapped food and bacteria can lead to plaque and gum infections, which is why regular cleanings and checkups are important.

Because you cannot remove dental implants like dentures it is important to have regular professional cleanings. A dental hygienist can carefully remove and clean anything from the threaded screw-retained implant that may be hard to reach at home. At the dentist’s you’ll experience all the usual cleaning techniques in addition to checks that the implant is secure and well-aligned.

Dental hygienists will use plastic or resin scalers instead of traditional metal tools because artificial teeth are easily scratched.

Dental Implant and Gum Health

A gum infection if left unchecked can cause the implant attachments to separate, surrounding bone and gum loss and more. In addition to your brushing and antibacterial mouthwash, a water flosser makes it easier to clean above and below the gum line and is more effective than string floss for dental implants. You’ll be able to reach the small spaces between your abutment and the artificial tooth.

Well cared for dental implants have the potential to last for decades. Our dentists and periodontists will work with you to come up with the best plan for maintaining your dental implants and oral health. We'll provide you with the best tools and advice for cleaning throughout your dental implant procedure.

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