Dental Health Associates of Madison is a Great Place to Work


The three words that best describe Dental Health Associates of Madison (DHA) are the three “Fs” ...

  • Fun, as in a friendly working environment, engaging team events, and entertaining activities outside of the office.
  • Flexibility, as we focus on a healthy balance of working hours and the personal needs of our staff. 
  • Family, as in our employees aren’t just coworkers, they’re, you know, just like family.Dental Health Associates of Madison Staff Events

We encourage all dental professionals, whether fresh out of school or with years of experience, to apply for our open positions and become part of our family.  If you don’t have a dental background but are passionate about learning in a team environment, we would love to meet you. Our seven locations have a variety of open positions in a range of roles from clinical to support staff, and specialties including Family Dental, Orthodontics, Periodontics, and Endodontics. We help all our professionals find fulfilling dental jobs to care for themselves and their families.



Join the DHA team and take your career to the next level! At DHA you are more than just an employee you are part of our family. We are dedicated to providing all of our staff an energetic and positive atmosphere that encourages growth and development. Dental Health Associates of Madison Holiday Party

Not only do we work hard, we also foster a fun environment both inside and outside our clinics. From company bowling nights to company picnics we enjoy these team building events because we know that sharing time outside the clinic is important to keeping us all connected. 



DHA is actively involved in the Madison area and we continue to work together for the greater good of all. We have been in business for over 50 years and understand that we wouldn't be able to provide dental careDental Health Associates of Madison Supports Girls on the Run without the support of our staff, patients, and community. Being an active part of our community is important to us and we continue to support a wide variety of organizations in Madison and it's surrounding communities.

We are especially passionate about wellness, civic groups, family-focused & community events, and supporting under-served. We don't just donate funds to these causes, we also encourage our team to participate in community events to continue to make Madison a great place to live and work.



As a group, our dentists and leadership group recognize that peer review and open communication are the foundation for success. Our mission is to be the leader in Dane County and provide compassionate dental care of the highest quality by maintaining clean, comfortable, well-equipped clinics and providing ongoing training for our dedicated team of dental professionals. We understand that all of our employees contribute to the success of our company and we are here to make sure our staff are supported in both their professional career and personal life.Dental Health Associates of Madison suppports the Shamrock Shuffle

DHA isn't just a family we are a network of support and encouragement in every aspect of our employees lives. Nothing is more important than our work family and we are committed to providing resources when needed, and we understand that life has it's ups and downs. We will be there with you throughout the celebrations and the struggles because we care about each team member and all our team member are part of our DHA family.




 Andrea Athanas

Clinic Coordinator - Old Sauk Clinic

Andrea Athanas, Clinic Coordinator, Dental Health Associates -

What do you like about your clinic/department?
The Drs. at the Old Sauk Clinic agree on how the clinic should operate. All staff are treated with respect and their policies are based on treating everyone equitably and fairly.

What was it that made you choose to work (and stay) at DHA?
I originally started at DHA through a referral. Through advancement opportunities, I have been able hold several different jobs that have kept me challenged and learning.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I have enjoyed working closely with the staff and getting to know them and even their families. DHA really does have the best employees, some that have been working here over 25 years. 

What would you tell a potential applicant about DHA?
DHA really appreciates their staff and has advancement opportunities to keep you growing and learning. The compensation and benefits are some of the best I’ve seen and they reward their employees for their hard work. I have always felt an atmosphere of “family” at the clinics where I have worked. 

Ken Oppermann

It Support Specialist

Ken Oppermann, IT Support Technician, Dental Health Associates of Madison

 What do you like about your clinic/department?
I work with a fantastic group of individuals. We all have our strengths, and use them to help each other accomplish the task at hand.  

What was it that made you choose to work (and stay) at DHA?
I originally chose to accept the position at DHA for the new challenges it offered me. I’ve stayed and plan to stay because DHA as a company as well as their employees treat each other with respect and show appreciation for the work we do.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I enjoy the fact that there are new challenges daily, and the flexibility we are afforded in meeting those challenges.

What would you tell a potential applicant about DHA? 
 I would tell potential applicants that DHA is a company that values its employees, and shows their appreciation in all sorts of little ways.


 Carla Farber

Dental Hygienist - Old Sauk Clinic

Carla Farber, Dental Hygienist, Old Sauk Clinic

What do you like about your clinic/department?
I love my co-workers! We have a pretty relaxed clinic. 

What was it that made you choose to work (and stay) at DHA?
I started working here because my cousin worked for Doctor McConville and she asked me to apply. DHA was also paying more than other clinics and had a great reputation. I stay because of the people and DHA treats me well!

What do you enjoy most about your job? 
I enjoy my patients. I am starting to see three generations. I also still really enjoy cleaning teeth. I am a picker!

What would you tell a potential applicant about DHA? 
Great place to work! Clean environment, competitive pay, great benefits and dentists who care.  

Samantha Sweeney

Patient Coordinator - Fitchburg Clinic

Samantha Sweeney, Patient Care Coordinator, Fitchburg Clinic

 What do you like about your clinic/department?
The company and staff are truly amazing! This group of employees are very friendly, dedicated and talented. I feel like I'm family here. I just really enjoy the atmosphere I work in and feel like we make a difference in patients lives.

What was it that made you choose to work (and stay) at DHA?
The reason why I chose to work at DHA was actually my mom. She was a Hygienist/Assistant for various clinics and worked here for over 20 years. She inspired me to work here, because I saw how much she enjoyed it. I wanted to find a job that made me happy. DHA is also very flexible with my schedule and the location is ideal.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The patients really make this job easier to come to work. Their smiles alone, help me get through the day. As well as the staff and the relationships I have built here. 

What would you tell a potential applicant about DHA?
You will feel at home here. If you're looking for a company that supports and believes in their staff, it's DHA. The staff always has a positive attitude and it's an exciting environment to work in.