Chattering Teeth Means Chips and Cracks

Winter: A Time of Cold Hands and Chattering Teeth

Some people love it and some people hate it. Winter in the Midwest can be really beautiful and calming, but it is also extremely cold, harsh, and leaves a lot of people feeling like taking a long vacation somewhere – anywhere – warmer.

How the Cold Affects Us

During the summer months, people enjoy playing outside, going on walks, riding bikes and taking in the long, warm days. Winter, of course, brings its own beauty with freshly fallen snow sparkling in the sunlight, crisp, clear days and the joyful holiday season. However, many people don’t find it quite as charming as they shovel sidewalks and driveways, balance on slippery ice, drive through treacherous conditions and bundle up in layer upon layer just to walk the dog for five minutes.

Our Moods

Dealing with the winter season can really put a damper on some people. Going to and from work in the dark can make us feel as if our day is over, leaving us sitting on the couch all night!, Not being able to go outside and soak up the sunlight can even lead to depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a very real, very powerful disorder that affects thousands during the winter months. People affected by SAD feel extremely depressed, have difficulty waking up in the mornings and severely affect their job performance. SAD is difficult to live with, but thankfully, it is treatable.

Our Bodies

Not only can wintertime affect us emotionally, but the cold months definitely take a toll on our bodies as well. Our skin chaps and reddens until painful to the touch. Our noses constantly run. The sun glares into our eyes off of the white snow, and we shiver. Oh, do we shiver.

Shivering is a natural reaction we have to very cold temperatures, and happens because our bodies try to keep in motion to warm us up. All warm-blooded animals shiver when cold, but sometimes, it can get severe enough to cause damage to our teeth as they chatter together.

Chips From Chattering

A chipped tooth can be more serious than most people think. A small chip could eventually lead to a bigger one, and before you know it, you’re in need of a crown because half of your tooth has suddenly broken off as you bite into a sandwich! If your teeth become chipped, whether from shivering in the cold or not, do not hesitate to call your DHA dentist to have the chip or crack assessed right away.

What Do I Do if My Teeth Chip?

Your DHA dentist will need to see you for an exam before knowing exactly how serious your tooth has been chipped or cracked, and how it can be treated. Smaller chips can be smoothed out with no anesthetic, however, larger ones may need fillings or crowns in order to restore the tooth to its original form. Cracked teeth can be a serious condition that might require a crown or in severe cases a root canal.If you find a chip or crack in your tooth, even though it might not hurt, there could be internal damage that needs to be taken care of right away. Be sure to call your DHA clinic and get scheduled as soon as possible.

Don’t Let the Winter Blues Get You Down

As the summer comes to an end and our days shorten, try to keep positive people and events in your life to keep your spirits up. If you find yourself getting down, read a good book by the fire, take a hot bath with some relaxing lavender oils or candles, or watch a comedy with close friends. Of course, if you find yourself shivering, add another blanket or layer of clothes to avoid shivering. Stay warm out there!

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