Overcoming Dental Anxiety

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Dental Anxiety

Millions of people suffer real anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. It is estimated that 75% of Americans experience some amount of anxiety when it comes to seeing the dentist, and close to 10% have a genuine fear associated with dentistry.

There are many people, who are aware of these facts but still refuse to see the dentist. These people would rather suffer through the pain and unpleasantness of gum disease, a painful wisdom tooth, a tooth extraction, or even a broken and infected molar, rather than get professional help. Usually, this fear comes from a bad experience with a dentist earlier in life, often during childhood. While this anxiety or phobia is very real, it is unnecessary, and can actually be treated.

Fear of Dental Visits

For many patients, dental visits were already a stressful experience, long before the pandemic even started.  It is very important to keep your dental health a priority to assure that your oral health does not cause any future discomfort.  More complex procedures may be needed due to a prolonged time between dental cleanings and appointments, which may further increase the anxiety of seeing a dental professional.  There are many ways our dental offices deal with patients’ anxiety. Finding the right dentist is the key to minimizing your stress level and assuring a great visit. Communication is very important and during the appointment you will hear both, your dentist and hygienist, walking you through the steps and asking how you are doing.

Help For Dental Anxiety

Today, many dentists and oral surgeons specialize in helping patients with dental anxiety overcome their fears and get the help they need. These dentists do everything possible to let you – the patient – know that you’re in control. Many take great strides to make their waiting rooms, offices, exam/operating rooms, and even their personal appearances and manners as friendly and comforting as possible. A good dentist will be happy to talk with you in their offices first, and work out a way to make your next experience with a dentist a positive one. In this way, the dentist can explain procedures, answer your questions, and address your fears, before you ever sit in the chair.

At Dental Health Associates of Madison, we believe seeing the dentist should be a positive experience, as well as a normal part of your health routine. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we will be happy to work with you to help you overcome your fears and make sure your smile receives the care it deserves. Give one of our friendly Patient Coordinators a call today to get started! 608.284.5400.

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