Free Cosmetic Dentist Consultations in Madison and Sun Prairie

Dental Health Associates offers consultations to patients for a variety treatment concerns. Whether you are looking to discuss cosmetics, orthodontics, whitening or just looking for a second opinion, your Dental Health Associates dentist can help.

Types of Consultations


Free cosmetic dentist consultations in MadisonWe pride ourselves in giving you the smile you've always dreamed of. If you are interested in cosmetic work, be it bonding, veneers, gingival recontouring or something else, it is always best to sit down with your DHA dentist to discuss your goals and expectations. At this appointment we can give you financial information regarding the desired treatment as well as an approximate timeline of treatment duration.


If you are happy with the shape and position of your teeth, but feel they could be whiter, consider scheduling a whitening consultation. At this appointment we will go over the different types of whitening and assess your own teeth to see which would be the best and most effective for you. Payment options and costs will also be discussed.


If you are interested in braces or Invisalign, our orthodontic specialists are the people to talk to. At the no charge consultation, they will go over your smile with you and discuss goals and expectations of treatment. If it is something you are ready to commit to, impressions and photos will be taken so we can get started. We will also go over orthodontic coverage with your insurance company so you know just how much they will cover, as well as financing options.

The importance of being up-to-date on cleanings

If you haven't had a regular cleaning and check up prior to your consultation, it can greatly hinder the diagnosis for your cosmetic or orthodontic needs. Especially for whitening, a cleaning needs to be done prior to any type of bleaching, this ensures that all surfaces of the teeth will be exposed to the bleaching solution. It is very important to treat any cavities or infections prior to beginning cosmetic work in order to keep you and your smile healthy.

What if I'm not a DHA patient but need a second opinion?

We are happy to provide a second opinion for those who are not patients of DHA. If you have had x-rays taken of the area of concern recently, it is highly recommended you bring them along to your appointment. You can sign a release form to take a copy of your x-rays with you, or have them emailed or mailed to us with your written consent. Without x-rays of the area, new ones will have to be taken so we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Please contact your insurance company to verify coverage prior to your appointment.