Affordable Veneers from Dental Health Associates Madison

Transform Your Smile Without Demolishing Your Budget

Porcelain veneers are a great way to brighten your smile, fix misshapen teeth and correct gaps between teeth. The results are truly spectacular, both aesthetically and in how they rebuild confidence. We highly recommend them to patients who are suitable candidates.

Unfortunately, porcelain veneers aren’t covered by most insurance plans unless they’re recommended to correct a problem, such as a bite misalignment. And, in case you didn’t already know, porcelain veneers aren’t cheap. Most of our patients have only one or two problem teeth that need veneers, so the total cost is manageable. If you’re looking to get veneers on all your teeth, though, it can be quite expensive.

Don’t give up on getting veneers when you see the estimate. Dental Health Associates of Madison has a couple of ways to take some of the bite out of the cost of veneers, including:

Discounts for payments made with cash, credit card or check

If you’re not going through insurance and can pay with cash, credit or check, we can offer you a discount on the cost of your veneers. If you pay in full on the day of your treatment, we can give you a 5% discount for cash or check payments. For debit or credit card payments, you’ll get a 3% discount.

Third-party financing through CareCredit

Consider signing up for CareCredit. Similar to a credit card, it allows you to make payments on approved amounts for a range of health care services. Signup is easy, just go to and fill out an application. Within a day you’ll know if you’ve been approved and for how much. You can then choose a financing option that works for you and make monthly payments, like you would do on a credit card. If you have questions about CareCredit, our Financial Coordinator can help when you visit our office. 

Choose Dental Health Associates for Quality Cosmetic Dental Care in Madison and Sun Prairie

While cost is always a factor when considering cosmetic dentistry, your primary concern should always be the quality of the dental work. In the Madison and Sun Prairie area, Dental Health Associates is well-known for exceptional work in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Check out the hundreds of reviews left by satisfied patients on our Facebook and Google business pages, then request a consultation at one of our 7 Madison area offices.

Cosmetic dentistry offered by Dental Health Associates

About Dental Health Associates

In 1969, a group of five Madison area dentists saw the potential for offering a complete range of dental services in a single location and joined their practices to form Dental Associates of Madison. Besides offering patients the convenience of comprehensive dental care at one office, these dentists realized that peer review and shared consultation would enhance the quality of dental care.

Over the years, Dental Health Associates has grown to over 30 dentists with a staff of over 250 serving the Madison area at 7 locations. We remain committed to our founders’ original goal of providing the highest quality dental care in the area.

Request a FREE cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dental Health Associates of Madison online, or call us at (606) 284-5400.

DHA Cosmetic Dentistry Locations

Sun Prairie Area Dentist Office
American Center Clinic5002 AmCenter Drive Madison, WI 53718608-467-3000Mon - Fri: 7:30a - 4:30p
Downtown Madison Dentist Office
Downtown Clinic 44 E Mifflin Street Madison, WI 53703 608-256-0499 Mon - Fri: 7:30a - 4:30p
DHA Madison, Monona, & Maple Bluff Dentist Office
East Clinic 49 N. Walbridge Ave. Madison, WI 53714 608-246–2555 Mon - Thurs: 7:30a - 5p, Fri: 7:30a - 4:30p
University & Fitchburg Dentist Office
South Clinic 2971 Chapel Valley Rd. Fitchburg, WI 53711 608-661-6400 Mon - Thurs: 7:30a - 5p, Fri: 7:30a - 4:30p
Fitchburg & University Dentist Office
University Clinic 2713 Marshall Ct. Madison, WI 53705 608-442-4400 Mon,Tue,Thurs: 7a - 4:30p, Wed,Fri: 7a-4p
West Madison & Middleton Dentist Office
West-Gammon Clinic 7001 Old Sauk Rd. Madison, WI 53717 608-833-2578 Mon - Thurs: 7:30a - 5p, Fri: 7:30a - 4:30p
Old Sauk Area Dentist Office
West-Old Sauk Clinic 7017 Old Sauk Rd. Madison, WI 53717 608-833-1889 Mon - Thurs: 7:30a - 5p, Fri: 7:30a - 4:30p