February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

February might be known for Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, but it’s also National Children’s Dental Health Month. The American Dental Association is promoting the benefits of drinking fluoridated tap water throughout this month-long celebration. Our team at Dental Health Associates is teaming up with schools, parents, and community members to teach children about the importance of maintaining good oral health habits, how to practice oral hygiene, and how maintaining oral health can lead to improved overall health – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Good oral health habits can prevent cavities, maintain a healthy mouth, and prevent gum disease. Children can practice good oral hygiene by:

  • Brushing their teeth for two minutes at a time, twice per day using fluoride toothpaste (once they can properly spit) after waking up and before going to bed.
  • Flossing their teeth once per day, usually before bed.
  • Replacing a toothbrush every three to four months. Always replace a toothbrush if the bristles have worn out or if a child has been sick.
  • Eating healthy foods and avoiding sugary drinks, instead choose fluoridated tap water when possible to help prevent cavities.

If you have delayed a regular cleaning during the COVID-19 shutdown, take the time to schedule an appointment for your child this month. We are taking every precaution and step we can to make the experience as safe and seamless for all of our patients including our clinical staff being vaccinated! While the protocols and processes are committed to public safety, we know how important a regular cleaning is for children – don’t delay another month when we could be seeing your family today!

As we celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month, Dental Health Associates will be focusing on a few different oral health topics for kids including:

We encourage you to participate in this annual celebration with your dentist, dental hygienist, children, friends, and family in order to promote good oral health in children and bring plenty of smiles for years to come.

About Dental Health Associates

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