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7001 Old Sauk Rd. Madison, WI 53717

Monday 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Tuesday 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Wednesday 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Thursday 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Friday 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM


Dental Health Associates –  West-Gammon Orthodontics Clinic

Madison families looking for reliable dentistry services turn to Dental Health Associates West Orthodontics Clinic. General and Family dentists cover everything from Preventative checkups to Cosmetic procedures. We have pediatric treatment from our Madison children’s dentists as well. There are seven Dental Health Associates locations in the greater Madison are, find the one nearest you today. See also: DHA Madison Orthodontist Services.


For more information about what you can expect (due to Covid-19 protocols), please watch the video below:

DHA Madison Specialty Dentists at this Location:

These doctors provide Madison family dentist services from our location on Old Sauk Road. Clients are primarily drawn from Madison area communities like Madison, Fitchburg, Pine Bluff, Verona and Riley.

Emergency Contact Information for West-Gammon Clinic Patients

If you reside in Middleton, Madison, or the surrounding communities and are experiencing a dental emergency, please call the West-Gammon Orthodontics Clinic at (608) 833-6112. immediately. We will do our best to ensure you are treated as soon as possible. If you are calling outside normal office hours, follow the prompts on our phone system to reach our on-call emergency dentist. The dentist will triage your situation and help decide the best course of action.

Dental Health Associates orthodontic services are available to patients covered by leading dental insurance providers and to those with no insurance.

4.7 stars on Google
Dec 4,2019
Sarah Anne
5 stars on Google
Superb Ortho Office, Dr. Long is amazing with patients-including little kiddos! Highly recommend.
Nov 1,2019
Katie Godding
5 stars on Google
Ive been to this dentist office twice in the last year for routine check-ups/cleaning. The staff is extremely welcoming and friendly. These have been some of the most comfortable dentist experiences I've ever had. The office is clean, the receptionist is very kind, and the dentists themselves are quick and efficient. Highly recommend this office.
Aug 21,2019
Abigale Bleil
5 stars on Google
Super friendly staff and very clean office. The location is amazing for me being so close to downtown. Unfortunately, I had to wait a long time to get an initial appointment but it was worth the wait.
Aug 26,2019
LeRoy Kemnitz
4 stars on Google
Super friendly staff. I have had my dental work performed at this clinic for years, love it. Easy location to access from downtown or from out of town.
Aug 19,2019
Always Addison
5 stars on Google
Dental Health Associates of Madison in an amazing place! all of the staff are so friendly and Dr.Long is always willing to answer any of your questions! I definitely recommend it!
May 9,2019
Liz Mueller
4 stars on Google
I do NOT like the dentist at all, but this had to have been one of the more pleasant visits I've had. My old dentist in a different state would always try to sell products that weren't necessary. Here they gave me a much needed cleaning, recommended a filling, but that was it. A younger, welcoming staff also made me feel more at ease.
Feb 21,2019
Wendy W
5 stars on Google
I cannot express how great Dr. Audra Long and her team members are! As an adult needing braces for the first time, Dr. Long has made me feel comfortable and confident about my treatment plan from day one. I was a little hesitant and nervous about getting braces at first, especially as a business professional, but it's the best decision I have made. I actually look forward to my routine visits because Dr. Long and her staff members treat me like family, they are so kind and professional, and provide the best care possible! I can't imagine going anywhere else for orthodontic care. I highly recommend Dr. Audra Long at the DHA Madison West Orthodontics Clinic! Thank you Dr. Long, Lori, Pam, Lisa, Tammy, Jane, Kim and Janna!
Jul 11,2018
Jenny K
5 stars on Google
I like this place quite a bit. I got wisdom teeth removed here when I was a kid. Now I'm coming back as an adult for a retainer. I Feel like they truly care about patient well being and are looking out for you. They offer good advice on what they think will help you best. And work with you as far as payment goes.
Jul 2,2018
Jeff Glaze
5 stars on Google
I took a fall on my face during a freak accident about 11 months before my wedding date. The spill required filling in a broken tooth, having three root canals and getting braces. By the time I was able to begin orthodontic treatment in October, I was down to eight months left and had become pretty worried about whether or not my teeth could actually be fixed in time for the big day. Dr. Long and her wonderful team did everything in their power to expedite my timeline and make sure the braces could come off by the week of my wedding. Throughout my treatment, I really appreciated their kindness, empathy and humor. It really helped me cope with the residual pain from the accident and make the best of the whole situation. Dr. Long and her colleagues are top-notch people!
Jun 7,2018
Elec Aire
5 stars on Google
Simply put from the first contact one has at the front desk or by phone, continuing with every single individual one encounters, West Orthodontics Clinic should be the blueprint for care. I have not encountered a single person who wasn't completely informed, endlessly patient and eager to help in anyway possible. The moods are always pleasant and upbeat. There's a real "family" atmosphere and ease about the place that puts people at ease the moment they walk through the door. If your a parent you can be with your child without feeling in the way. Even the music is awesome. If I had to find a flaw I think the Magic 8 Ball in the exam room needs to be recalibrated. Otherwise one simply cannot go wrong putting ones care in the hands of these exceptional people.
Jun 11,2018
Noelle Leeder
4 stars on Google
It's a very good place. You don't have to wait long for your appointment, if you arrive early sometimes they take you early. They are very nice people, they care about how you're doing while they work (ex. when wire is put in, new adjustments) If i could I would give them a 4.5/5
Jun 7,2018
Joseph Kugler
5 stars on Google
I really enjoy the people in this clinic. Dr. Allen is very passionate about his work and always wants what’s best for his patients. Everyone else is also very kind, caring and talented. I have never had any problems with this clinic.
Jun 19,2018
Clare Weigert
4 stars on Google
All of the staff is very friendly and they do an excellent job with there patients. Dr. Long is an especially good orthodontist who does an excellent job with her patient's. They also have many appointment times and in an emergency will help you get a quick appointment
Jun 8,2018
Jacob Glessing
5 stars on Google
This is the best orthodontist I have been to. They take pride in their work. They are very knowledgeable, and answer all of your questions and take care of all your concerns.
Jun 22,2018
Sarah McRae
5 stars on Google
I love Dr Allen! I was one of his first patients and he was always very kind to me, listening to all of my concerns and taking time to answer all of my questions. Dr Allen did an excellent job on my teeth. They haven't moved a bit in 15 years! :) He's very knowledgeable and professional and treats all his patients with respect. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Allen!
Jun 26,2018
Leonardo LaRico
5 stars on Google
This place is amazing! The waiting area has a kids corner, filled with books, and other fun gadgets. Additionally, there's almost no wait time, THEY should be the ones waiting for you. In the actual appointments, the staff is professional and neat, but also kind, caring, and genuine. Case in point: Dr. Allen. He meets all the claims above. He's a extremely nice person to talk to, and when it comes to teeth, the man's top-notch. My family and I have had an amazing experience here and would obviously recommend this place to anyone.
Jun 11,2018
4 stars on Google
It's a very good place. You don't have to wait long for your appointment, if you arrive early sometimes they take you early. They are very nice people, they care about how you're doing while they work (ex. when wire is put in, new adjustments) If i could I would give them a 4.5/5
May 17,2018
Joseph Schuster
5 stars on Google
I saw Dr. Allen for an Invisalign consultation. He and his staff were professional, kind, and helpful. Excited about my new smile!
Jan 16,2018
Noah Robson
5 stars on Google
we love doctor long office amazing service 12/10 would recommend!!
Jan 17,2018
Kathleen Dare
5 stars on Google
I am an Invisalign patient of Dr. Audra Long. I am 10 months into my one year treatment plan and am very satisfied with my entire experience! I appreciate the professional yet welcoming environment created by the entire staff. Dr. Audra and her orthodontic assistants are very kind and knowledgeable and make a patient very comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend Dr. Audra and her staff for any orthodontic treatment!
Jan 24,2018
Katherine Riemer
5 stars on Google
Dr. Long and her staff are a class act! From the moment you walk into the door you are greeted with professional courtesy, warmth, and kindness! My 14 year old has a beautiful smile as a result of the expertise of Dr. Long and her staff; and my 10 year old is well on her way to that same beautiful smile. They know my kids by name and we all feel well cared for. Thank you all for outstanding care!!
Dec 22,2017
5 stars on Google
Great staff and team members!
Nov 10,2017
Nicole Anderson-Weiss
5 stars on Google
Dr. Allen and his staff are top notch. Their experience, integrity and patient rapport are beyond compare.
Oct 16,2017
Lacey Wells
5 stars on Google
Prompt appointments and friendly staff. Dr.Allen is the best!
Sep 29,2017
Jennifer Cliff
5 stars on Google
Wonderful doctor and staff! Wouldn't go anywhere else!
Jun 30,2017
Jennie Lynn
5 stars on Google
May 23,2017
Philip Rossing
4 stars on Google
Friendly dentists and clinical staff, easy location, recently updated.
Jul 20,2016
Peter Johnson
5 stars on Google
I've been going to DHA on Old Sauk Rd. for almost 30 years, and they're great! I even planed my cleanings to coincide with trips back to Madison when I lived abroad
Nov 18,2014
Maggie Kovac
5 stars on Google
I have been going here for a few years; everyone is very professional and friendly. I've never had even a mediocre experience with the technicians/hygienists, and my dentist is very good, too. I am moving out of state, or else I would keep them as my dentist. I had to cancel an appointment a week before the date, and they fit me in the next day instead!!! I would recommend them to anyone.