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Dental Health Associates - West-Old Sauk Clinic

If you live in the West Old Sauk area of Madison and are in need of a reliable dentist for all your family’s dental needs, look no further than Dental Health Associates of Madison. Our West Old Sauk clinic is conveniently located, and we are a General and Family dentist office. We welcome the opportunity to deliver our top-quality dental services to you and your family at one of our seven Madison area dental clinics


For more information about what you can expect (due to Covid-19 protocols), please watch the video below:

Old Sauk Area Dentist Office

DHA Madison Specialty Dentists at this Location:

These doctors provide Madison family dentist services from our location on Old Sauk RoadClients are primarily drawn from surrounding communities like Fitchburg, Middleton, Sun Prairie and Waunakee. 

Services Provided

Family & General Dentistry

Our team of dentists will make sure that your entire family is smiling brightly. We offer preventative maintenance care as well as corrective procedures. At Dental Health Associates, our focus is on your family’s long-term dental care.

In our offices, we can perform bridgework, install crowns and implants, replace teeth with dentures, perform extractions and fillings, and can even fit you for a night guard.

Our family dentists also specialize in children's dentistry. We provide dental cleanings and preventative treatments for your children in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Remember, young children should have their first dental exam by age one. Learn more about our children's dentists in Madison.


Our periodontists know how to prevent, diagnose and treat gum disease. They have received extensive training in dental surgery, grafts, implants and more. If you are looking for ways to improve your smile our periodontal specialists have extensive training in cosmetic dentistry options for you. Learn more about periodontal treatments.

Emergency Dentist

If you reside in Madison, Middleton, or the surrounding communities and are experiencing a dental emergency, please call the West-Old Sauk Clinic at (608) 833-1889 immediately. We will do our best to ensure you are treated as soon as possible. If you are calling outside normal office hours, follow the prompts on our phone system to reach our on-call emergency dentist. The dentist will triage your situation and help decide the best course of action.


We welcome patients with no insurance and patients with coverage from the nation's leading insurance providers.

 Our West Old Sauk Clinic is located on Old Sauk Road, near the Walbridge School. Call us today at (608) 833-1889 to make your appointment!

4.9 stars on Google
Nov 16,2019
Kathy Holan
5 stars on Google
We can't say enough about how wonderful Dr. Abell and her staff were with our elderly mom who has Alzheimer's Disease. We had to bring mom in more than once with tooth pain and she was taken care of with such kindness and concern. We were sent next door for the tooth extractions and they were so wonderful, too! Thank you so much for the kind and compassionate care given to our mom!
Oct 4,2019
Charles An-y-man
5 stars on Google
Excellent service, my office plan covers most of the services but I only ever need basic cleaning and checks for cavities.
Oct 4,2019
Charles Anaman
5 stars on Google
Excellent service, my office plan covers most of the services but I only ever need basic cleaning and checks for cavities.
Sep 1,2019
Denise LeRoy
5 stars on Google
My whole family has been going to this clinic for years, and it is hands down, the best dental care in Madison. Ashley, Treecia, and Dr. Melby are wonderful. They always treat us like family there and my kiddos love coming in. Highly recommend!
Aug 30,2019
Allen Morris
5 stars on Google
Everything was very streamlined and on schedule. My appointment started on time and my hygienist [Bailey] did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth (I know they were not in great shape), but she did so well that I felt little discomfort. She also showed me some areas that I needed to work on and gave me tips on how to better take care of said areas. The Dentist came in and looked through to make sure I didn't have any cavities or major issues that needed attention. Both were very friendly asking how my day was going and ensuring that I knew what to do between now and my next appointment. I was out on time and was able to continue my day. Thank you to Kellie, Ashley, and Chelle at the Front desk for getting me checked in and making sure my paperwork was done correctly. AND a big Thank You to Bailey and Dr Abell for making sure my teeth and gums were good, healthy, and clean! Look forward to seeing you all in 3-6 months
Aug 20,2019
Scott Webb
5 stars on Google
Dr. Abell and her staff really are dental care professionals in every sense of the word. I've been a patient of hers for 15 years and throughout that time, she and her crew have always given their very best to their work. You can trust them.
Aug 19,2019
Always Addison
5 stars on Google
The Dental Health Associates of Madison is an amazing place. All the staff are so friendly and Dr.Long is always willing to answer any of your questions! I definitely recommend it!
Aug 27,2019
Cindy Bennett
5 stars on Google
I had an unfortunate accident and chipped a couple of teeth. Not emergent by any stretch but they got me in the next morning and took care of both teeth. Fast and painless to top it off. Great service!!
May 20,2019
Adrian Lee
5 stars on Google
I have been using them recently after switching to DHA based on a referral from an acquaintance of mine. I've had nothing but amazing interactions with the entire staff and fantastic and fast care through a ton of different things ranging from cavity fillings to a surprise root canal. I have primarily worked with Dr. Rozendaal and her team, and she is genuinely caring, smart, and great at what she does. Highly recommend this team.
May 23,2019
Sam Pfeil
5 stars on Google
I’ve never been a big fan of the dentist, but the team at this office was fantastic in helping me learn about my teeth, what to look for in the future, and telling me what was happening during my visit. Wonderful people and a very helpful visit 🦷
Apr 23,2019
Chris Noffke
5 stars on Google
I have been visiting this clinic for more then 10 years seeing Lindsey and Dr. Hopp. Both of these individuals have always provided me with the most professional service yet they are still both very personable. I would highly recommend them both. Here is to the next 10 years of a great smile. Thank you both!
Feb 4,2019
Barbara Gerlach
5 stars on Google
I’ve experienced excellent care for many years . I highly recommend the dentists, hygienists and dental assistants.
Feb 19,2019
Carlton Banks
5 stars on Google
I have had nothing but good experiences here. Ashley and Dr. Melby are very friendly, yet, very informative of what's going. Highly recommend!
Feb 18,2019
5 stars on Google
I am extremely happy with my care at Dental Health Associates on Old Sauk. Dr. Melby and Ashley Weiss provide an exceptionally comfortable visit experience!
Aug 12,2018
Matthew W
5 stars on Google
I've been going to DHA for several years now and I am never disappointed! Ashley does a wonderful job each and every time, along with Dr. Melby. They're always both friendly, courteous and timely. Thanks!
Jul 6,2018
5 stars on Google
Service is always professional and polite. Questions are answered as they are presented and the staff is always willing to take the time to explain procedures. The hygienists take their time during the dental cleaning so the experience is pleasurable.
Jul 18,2018
Rhonda Bolton
5 stars on Google
I have been using the dentist services here for 20 years. Overall I have been extremely pleased. My concern though is because it has become such a large corporate operation it is losing the small, friendly service and atmosphere. It seems like there is a disconnect from the front receptionists to the technicians. Everyone is friendly but with a reserve that they are too busy to get friendly. It feels like they have an urgency to get one in and out and no time to connect with me personally. It wasn't always that way in my experience. There is one bright moment during my visit. One of the gals in the front, Cindy, always makes me feel welcome and that she has time for me to chat. She makes me feel like an important guest. She in part is the reason I keep coming back. I wish more of the employees would feel that they could duplicate that concept. Sadly I guess the business like atmosphere is the future.
Jun 13,2018
barbara lawrence
5 stars on Google
On one of my first visits, I was left in the waiting room for 1/2 hour before I went to the desk and asked, "how much longer will this be?" I was told I had been a no-show and the technician had gone home. oooooops, I was re-scheduled for the next week. Upon my next visit, I saw signs on all the coffee tables in the waiting room that said," if you are waiting more than 15 minutes, please come to the desk". I love being listened to. Care has been excellent.
Jun 6,2018
Matthew Schaus
5 stars on Google
I couldn't be happier. My son and I both have been going to the Old Sauk offices for over five years. Everyone from the front desk to Nikki and Dr. Abell are amazing. They care about you as a person and that makes a big difference. I live over 30 minutes away, but there is no way I am changing dentists.
Jun 8,2018
Kimberlee Langusch
5 stars on Google
Dr Allen and his team are wonderful. They work quickly and do an amazing job. We appreciate Dr. Allen, Lisa and Angela's taking special care when working on our daughter with her NAM. We definitely recommend them!
Jun 20,2018
Brenda Joyce
5 stars on Google
Brad is always so friendly and thorough. I feel he keeps my teeth and gums healthy! The receptionists are also very good! Thank you all for making the experience so pleasant! Brenda
May 1,2018
Jordan Wollenberg
5 stars on Google
Dr. Abell and my hygienist Hannah are both fantastic. From the time you arrive everyone is pleasant and professional and they do their best to make you as comfortable as possible. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone
May 3,2018
Amy Arntsen
5 stars on Google
Highest recommendation for Dr. Abell. She has been my dentist for 7 or 8 years now and has always been an excellent: very competent, very accommodating, very attentive. I have never had any questions or concerns with her or her staff and have been completely satisfied. Recently I brought a dental concern to her and she offered thoughtful options then carried out my choice promptly and with results far better than I had expected or even hoped. Again, highest recommendation for her, her staff, and Dental Health Associates.
May 8,2018
Linda Harris
5 stars on Google
I recently had my teeth cleaned and x-rays taken by Nicky. She always does a great job. She is thorough and careful to check to be sure I am comfortable and is meticulous about her cleaning and everything she does. Dr. Abell is the best dentist I have ever had. She takes all the time I need when I have questions or concerns and offers honest and valuable opinions and recommendations for me in terms of my care. This clinic was recommended to me by a friend and I have highly recommended them to others several times. They are an outstanding clinic. The staff at the desk are always very helpful and friendly even at 7:30 in the morning!
Apr 16,2018
Hans den Daas
5 stars on Google
I have been getting my teeth cleaned twice a year at the Gammon road clinic for the last 20+ years. My hygenist ,Taylor, has a wonderful personality and does a great job keeping my teeth clean. My dentist, Dr. Melby, is very personable as well. All said, it's a great place to have your teeth taken care of!
Apr 15,2018
Connie Chesnik
5 stars on Google
Dr. Melby is genuinely friendly and very authentic. She takesnthe time to get to know her patients and is very professional. I look forward to catching up with her technician, Ashley, every time I come. She's so easy to talk to and together they make going to the dentist much easier!
Apr 18,2018
Jenny Krislov
5 stars on Google
I have been coming here since the early 2000s! I wouldn't go anywhere else. I love my doctor and hygienist. They take good care of their patients here. I have never had a cavity in my life. I always feel that my concerns and needs are addressed here. And what's nice about this clinic is that there's a children's dental center and orthodontist right next door. All your needs can be taken care of at once.
Apr 25,2018
Nathan Ortegren
5 stars on Google
I'll tell you what, Dr. Abell, and my hygienist Nicole make this place so comforting and relaxing, its like they have been your best friends for ever. I truly enjoy coming to this location and seeing the staff. Great customer service, and work all around. Thank you.
Apr 18,2018
Jenny K
5 stars on Google
I have been coming here since the early 2000s! I wouldn't go anywhere else. I love my doctor and hygienist. They take good care of their patients here. I have never had a cavity in my life. I always feel that my concerns and needs are addressed here. And what's nice about this clinic is that there's a children's dental center and orthodontist right next door. All your needs can be taken care of at once.
Mar 2,2018
Julia Taylor
5 stars on Google
We have been going to this clinic for the past 12 years and only had a positive experience. The clinic is clean and equipped with modern technology. The clinic's staff is friendly and attentive to patients' questions and concerns. Scheduling or rescheduling our appointments has been always an easy process. We have been seeing Dr. Roggensack, a knowledgeable and friendly dentist, who carefully listens to our concerns and answers our questions in a patient and clear manner. We would highly recommend to visit this clinic.
Mar 5,2018
Carly Leider
5 stars on Google
My entire family sees Dr. Melby. We have nothing but great things to say about her! Ashley and Taylor (our favorite hygienists) are also amazing! The entire staff is so friendly but also very professional.
Mar 7,2018
Avery Yaktus
5 stars on Google
I have been going to this place for a long time and always receive the best customer service! Ashley is my hygienist and Dr. Melby is my dentist and I can't rave enough about them. They care about their patients and always makes sure you are comfortable and taken care of while cleaning your teeth. If there are ever issues with your teeth, they are upfront with you and help you throughout the entire process. The best part is Ashley always offers a new toothbrush, toothpaste, AND floss after you get your teeth cleaned :)
Mar 21,2018
Melissa Lease
5 stars on Google
Love my Hygienist Taylor! Dr. Melby is fantastic and will make sure everything is perfect. It's great to be taken care of so well.
Mar 26,2018
Courtney Jablonski
5 stars on Google
We “feel like family” duing our visits to the West Old Sauk Clinic. Ashley, aka the purple girl, and Dr Melby provide our family members exceptional care and kindness. They are an excellent pair for younger children. Overall, we’ve never had an unpleasant experience. Everyone is helpful and friendly.
Feb 1,2018
Bonnie Johnston
5 stars on Google
Dr Brodie and assistant Chris are fantastic! They are caring, sympathetic and non judgemental. They will do what ever it takes to help. Absolutely the best place ever!
Feb 6,2018
A Meixelsperger
5 stars on Google
Dr Hopp has been my dentist for many years and I've always enjoyed going to see him. He always makes you feel very comfortable and I'd highly recommend him to anyone!
Feb 22,2018
Lauren Dobson
5 stars on Google
Ashley was wonderful! Very friendly and easy to talk to. Always does a great job cleaning my teeth!
Jan 3,2018
Deborah Turman
5 stars on Google
Dr. Brian Hopp and his assistant hygienist, Lisa, have been providing me with the best dental care for over 20 years. Along with their excellent skill comes compassion and understanding. I have sensitive teeth and would recommend Dr. Hopp and Lisa to anyone who feels they need a little extra help to make their dental visit comfortable.
Jan 9,2018
Casey Scott Weathers
5 stars on Google
Ashley W and Dr. Melby are great! Friendly, thorough, efficient, and more than happy to answer all of my questions. I would wholeheartedly recommend both of them.
Jan 10,2018
5 stars on Google
Dr. McConville is wonderful - listens and explains. He's helped me a lot. The whole staff has been unfailingly friendly and helpful with every visit.
Jan 10,2018
carla enloe
5 stars on Google
Just had a crown started with Dr. McConville. Painless and Meredith made the impressions easy. No Gagging!
Jan 11,2018
Deb Stevenson
5 stars on Google
Dr. Hopp and Lisa, his Dental Hygienist are a Great Team! They are both very caring, and both do excellent in their field. We have found them and their clinic to be the Best we have ever experienced! Thank you both for your excellent professional care. Highly recommend them for your dental care! Art & Deb
Jan 13,2018
Julie Stubbs
5 stars on Google
I always receive excellent care from Dr. Melby and Ashley. Dr. Melby takes the time to answer my questions and address my concerns. Ashley W. goes above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. She’s friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable.
Dec 15,2017
Wes Parks
5 stars on Google
Dr McConville and his staff are great. He replaced an old crown on a front tooth and its looks great. Recently my hygienist retired and I saw new person - Jessica. My gums are sensitive and she made it very comfortable. Highly recommend
Nov 18,2017
Heidi H
5 stars on Google
Dr. Abell and her staff are wonderful! I recently had to have a crown replaced and Dr. Abell did a great job of explaining the whole process and she made sure I was comfortable through the entire procedure. The staff in the business office were also very helpful with my insurance and cost questions. Overall I'm really happy with the care I get from Dr. Abell at DHA.
Oct 5,2017
Connie Keung
5 stars on Google
Taylor and Dr. Melby are awesome. Highly recommended. I used to hate going to the dentist, but Dental Health Associates of Madison have made routine checkups so pleasant, I look forward to each visit.
Oct 6,2017
Christy Vogt
5 stars on Google
I've always had a positive experience. My hygienist, Ashley, always puts me at ease and answers my questions. Dr. Melby is very thorough in her exam and explains things well. All staff are friendly and helpful. Would recommend DHA to a friend!
Sep 6,2017
Sue Hunter
5 stars on Google
I want to thank everyone at Dental Health Associates at Old Sauk Road for their excellent service and for being so helpful. I have been through a lot of different dentists and offices over the years and you are the best. I would recommend you to everyone!!!! Thanks again!!!!
Sep 6,2017
Al Olson
5 stars on Google
Was referred to Dr. Tim McConville over 20 years ago and I'm still a patient! Both Carla and Dr McConville are excellent providers, providing an excellent experience every time I go! I highly recommend both Dr McConville and Carla and I won't go to anyone else!
Sep 8,2017
Kathy Rothering
5 stars on Google
Dr. McConville and Emily have been caring for my teeth for many years. They are extremely professional, skilled, and personable. Urgent issues are managed promptly. I have met Dr. McConville at charitable events volunteering his time and promoting dental health. Without reservation, I recommend Dr. McConville and Emily.
Sep 11,2017
Dj JazzyJenny
5 stars on Google
I've been seeing Dr Hopp and Julie M for over 7 years now and couldn't be happier! The remodeled office is lovely. The staff is always friendly. Dr Hopp and Julie are always friendly and really seem to enjoy their work. I've referred them many times and will continue to do so!
Sep 13,2017
Clark Robert R
5 stars on Google
Dr Hopp and his team have been our family dentist since he began practicing at the Old Sauk Clinic. Dr Hopp is a skilled dentist and a tribute to his profession. In addition to providing consistent quality dental care, he has a kind and gentle approach with his patients. His style is calming, caring and compassionate. In fact, he always treats you like an old friend, never seems in a hurry and always appears genuinely interested in you. For example, during a procedure he will ask: "Are you doing OK? Do you need a break". He will update and keep you informed so you know exactly what to expect and how long it will take. He makes you as comfortable as possible during your time with him. He is always willing to go above and beyond to help. Here is another example: At my request he always reminds my hockey player son how important wearing his mouth guard is. I appreciate that and it certainly carries more weight coming from his dentist than his dad! My kids and I actually look forward to our visits. Dr Hopp is surrounded by an exceptional team and I would recommend him to anyone.
Sep 18,2017
avery royer
5 stars on Google
Taylor and Dr. Melby are wonderful to work with! They are very professional and always take the time to answer any questions I have. The staff at DHA are friendly and helpful. Excellent service all around!
Sep 18,2017
Bridget Stroup
5 stars on Google
Dr. Roggensack and his staff have been excellent to work with. My dental hygienist, Annette, did a great job with my cleanings and was great about answering my questions. When I needed referrals, Dr. Roggensack and Annette were able to direct to a talented orthodontist and periodontist as needed.
Sep 20,2017
Peter Johnson
5 stars on Google
I have been going to DHA and Dr. McConville for over 30 years, and now take my children to see him as well. He and his dental hygienists are extremely professional as well as personable; they work hard at building a rapport with you both as a patient and a person. I always feel like I'm being heard, and have come to expect thoughtful answers to my questions and concerns. I have never felt pressured into a procedure that I didn't feel was necessary or that I didn't have enough time to consider, which in the dental industry seems all too rare. Can't recommend him and his staff enough!
Sep 24,2017
Marti Fechner
5 stars on Google
I started going to Dr. McConville because that's where my husband had gone before we got married. 20 years later, and we couldn't be happier. Dr. McConville doesn't push extra dental work on you. He just lets you know areas he's keeping an eye on, so that you can plan and budget, and you get to decide if/when to go forward with it. He is gentle and warm... he even got our needle-phobic daughter through her first filling with no anxiety or tears. He greets us warmly, knows the whole family, and takes time to ask about how we're doing. His hygienist, Emily, is fantastic, too. She is gentle, thorough, professional, and seems truly happy to see us each time any of us comes in for a check-up. We wouldn't go anywhere else.
Aug 31,2017
Patti Shea
5 stars on Google
Dr. McConville , DDS and his staff are the greatest!! They make you feel very welcome and comfortable. He is a highly skilled dentist and he takes pride his his work. I actually enjoy going to the dentist to see his staff and catch up with them all. They are a wonderful group, that work well together.
Aug 31,2017
Megan Keesey
5 stars on Google
I have been going to DHA for years, now, and have always been pleased with their service. They offer top-notch care while remaining friendly and patient-oriented. My kids(ages 3 & 5) even enjoy going with me! The staff are competent, knowledgable and kind. My dental hygienist, Taylor, is always very thorough and gentle, as is Dr. Melby!
Aug 31,2017
Gary 'n Mic McFall
5 stars on Google
Dr McConville & his assistant Carla are the BEST. Wish I had found them many years ago!
Jul 30,2017
Cal Anderson
5 stars on Google
Apr 7,2017
John Udovc
5 stars on Google
Dr Abell and Dr. Lorson are consummate professionals and I've had nothing but good service there.
Jan 13,2017
Peter Rehani
5 stars on Google
Dec 17,2016
P Shah
4 stars on Google
May 11,2012
A Google User
4 stars on Google