Do dentures have to look fake? Free consultations in Madison, WI.

When it comes to fixing your teeth, it is imperative to seek the services of a qualified professional dentist to perform the work. What if you need a tooth pulled? Maybe you have had several teeth pulled already, what are the solutions for this?

You can have teeth fixed, filled, capped or have the option of getting dentures. Wait, don’t dentures look fake? Well, the good news is that with today’s modern technology they don’t look like old-fashioned “false teeth” anymore!

There are two primary types of dentures:

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures replace all of your teeth and are commonly known as “false teeth.” They consist of a colored plastic base to replicate the gum tissue and porcelain or plastic artificial teeth. These dentures are held in place in your mouth by a suction seal to the gums that can be removed by the user. Complete dentures can also be attached to dental implants that are fixed to the jawbone through a surgical procedure.

There are also two types of complete dentures: Immediate dentures and conventional dentures. Immediate dentures are created in advance and are fixed right after teeth extractions. Conventional dentures are prepared after your jaw and gum tissues have healed, usually two-three months after teeth extractions.

Partial Dentures

Also called “Removable Partial Denture Prostheses,” partial dentures are ideal when you still have some natural teeth remaining. These dentures are held in position by clasps and rests that are carefully fitted around your natural teeth. They fill the gaps resulting from missing teeth and ensure the other natural teeth don’t shift position.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Dentures?

Dentures are fairly non-invasive and ideal for people who don’t want to undergo a more extensive dental procedure like dental implants.

Dentures also may be appropriate if you have lost a row of several teeth or the entire bottom or top teeth in line. In such cases, it would be easier and less costly to get a whole set of dentures instead of trying to rebuild each missing tooth.

Do Dentures Have to Look Fake?

Absolutely not! When properly made and fixed, dentures have a very natural appearance. Here are three principal factors that contribute to a natural appearance of a denture:

  • Natural base appearance
  • Natural tooth appearance
  • Proper denture fit

By observing these three primary elements, we at Dental Health Associates will create dentures that look perfectly natural in your mouth. It will be difficult for anyone to tell whether you have dentures or not. With the advances in technology, the days when individuals had noticeably false teeth are long gone. The professionals at Dental Health Associates stay up-to-date with technology to use the latest dental techniques to deliver top-notch dental solutions. Please call for a consultation today!

Dentures in Madison, WI

Dental Health Associates of Madison specialize in improving the dental health of our patients with quality dentures that look and feel right. With our conveniently located clinics throughout Dane County, our friendly staff consult over affordable dentures in Fitchburgnear MiddletonSun Prairie, and beyond.

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