Dr. Rambod Fard and Madison Dental Initiative

Dr. Rambod Fard, Volunteer Extraordinaire!

What originated in a space so small many called it a closet, volunteers would work shoulder to shoulder at the Madison Dental Initiative. Over the years it has grown very quickly. Now volunteers work out of a heated and powered space donated by the Salvation Army Clinic located off of East Washington Avenue. Our very own Dr. Rambod Fard is one of these volunteers.

Meet Dr. Rambod Fard

Deciding on your career isn’t an easy thing to do when you’re young, but Rambod Fard knew he was going to be a dentist since he was 15 years old. Drawn to Dental Health Associates by the positive energy among the dentists in the practice and their down-to-earth approach to dentistry, he became a valued part of our team and is also one of the Top Rated Dentists in Madison. When asked why he started helping out at the Madison Dental Initiative, he said, “giving back through volunteering has been something I’ve regularly sought in my entire adult life. I’m aware of how good I have it and that a lot of people can’t say the same. It is amazing how good it feels to help those in need.”

What is the MDI?

Funded only by donations of businesses and state grants, and operated by volunteers, the Madison Dental Initiative is proud to provide free dental care to the homeless and underserved. Open three days a week, comprehensive care is offered to those who cannot afford it. It is also open one night a week for emergency care only.


Dr. Rambod and the MDI

Since 2009, Dr. Rambod has been a part of the Madison Dental Initiative. He is a very active part of MDI. Not only does he volunteer his dental expertise, but he helps out in other ways as well. He is the vice president, chair of the Curriculum Committee, and works with an incredible group of volunteer dentists to grow MDI by diversifying funding sources, increasing revenues, bridging relationships and getting more volunteers.

As some of our DHA patient’s already know, Dr. Rambod is very good at listening to other people’s stories and really connecting with each individual. “I love people,” he says. “I enjoy finding the likable characteristics in each and every person. Discovering who’s behind the rough exterior really makes a difference in my day to day experience as someone with a career in health care.”

MDI Board of Directors

The MDI Is In Continuous Need of Volunteers

No matter what your expertise, the Madison Dental Initiative could use your help! For the clinical side, dentists are very hard to find, as they have their own practices to run daily. If you are a dentist who would like to join Dr. Rambod in helping the MDI provide free dental care to the homeless, be sure to sign up. You do not, however, need any experience at all to help out. Student volunteers will do tasks such as checking patients in and out, autoclaving dirty instruments and much needed filing.

So many people find it difficult to get free time once daily work is done for the day. Time is a valuable asset to give, and to volunteer it to help others is a very honorable thing to do, as these homeless patients are standing on thinner ice than we are and they need our help. “I truly enjoy volunteering at the MDI. Dentistry is what I do for a living, what I am good at. Not only does this keep me going in the career I love, but it also keeps me grounded,” explains Dr. Rambod. “I am honored to spend my time helping those in need. Needs are high. Circumstances are complicated. I am privileged to be their last resort.”

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