No Cavity Kids Campaign

Healthy Smiles at Dental Health Associates of Madison

We couldn’t think of a better way to demonstrate just why routine dental visits are so important -healthy smiles!! A big thank you to each of our patient-families for allowing us to feature their beautiful children who all had no cavities at their last visit! Look for these grinning kiddos on the digital billboard of the Beltline and check on this page often for even more smiles. #IAmDHA

Please welcome the Stars of our Show…

 Maxwell, 6 years old

 Kayla, 8 years old

 Finnian, 17 years old

 Amara, 14 years old

 Olivia, 2 years old

  Devynn, 4 years old

 Blake, 7 years old

 Hayleigh, 11 years old

 Aiden, 3 years old

Zephyr, 3 years old

Alexa, 2 years old

Kylie, 7 years old

Reese, 6 years old

 Harper, 3 years old

 Emma, 4 years old

 Karlie, 11 years old

 Katelyn, 14 years old

 Brock, 4 years old

Brynn, 8 years old

Keetah, 6 years old

 Summer, 9 years old

Joe, 4 years old

Natalie, 7 years old

 Dexter, 4 years old

Kate, 9 years old

Evan, 7 years old

Finnegan, 6 years old

Charlie, 3 years old

 Isla, 4 years old

 Preston, 8 years old

 Presley, 4 years old

Cameron, 5 years old

 Carson, 5 years old

Dental Health Associates of Madison Dentist Office Locations

We have 7 locations throughout the Madison are and surrounding communities. Our family dentists are committed to creating healthy smiles for kids and adults. We understand that going to the dentist can cause anxiety or fear but we can assure our team of dental professionals will create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere . We encourage healthy habits and preventative dental care so that your child can become one of our Cavity Free Kids!

Looking for a Dentist in Madison or Sun Prairie?

We continue to provide exceptional dental care for children at all of our 7 dental office locations throughout MadisonSun PrairieMononaFitchburgMiddletonDowntown, and UW Madison. We look forward to creating an experience that will be something your child will smile about!

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Questions About Dental Health Associates of Madison Children’s Dentists?

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