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Back-to-School Openings in August

Summer is coming to an end and it is time to look at the school supply list and start shopping. Your back-to-school may include new clothes and preventative doctor appointments, which can give your child a confident and healthy start as they head into the new school year. As you prepare your child for the upcoming school year, another way to improve their self-esteem and overall health is to add a FREE orthodontic consultation to the to-do-list.

Kids Orthodontist in Madison and Sun Prairie WI

Decreasing Dental Anxiety and Straightening Smiles

Your child may be nervous or have anxiety about the new school year and may feel self conscious about how their teeth look. One thing you can do to help ease their concerns and increase their self-confidence is to schedule an appointment with one of our orthodontists. They are experts in kids orthodontic treatments including braces.

Many dental concerns are easily fixed with orthodontic treatments and can prevent future dental issues. From overbites to underbites and crooked teeth to crowded teeth, our personalized treatment plans will fix their teeth and give them something to smile about. 

Does my Child Need to See an Orthodontist?

If you are concerned about whether or not your child needs braces now is the time to get them in for an orthodontic check-up. At Dental Health Orthodontics we offer FREE orthodontic consults and we would be happy to help you determine if braces are the best solution. 

What Happens During an Orthodontic Consultation?

During the initial consultation we will:

  • Examine the teeth and jaw alignment.
  • Take X-rays of their jaw and teeth.
  • Provide a personalized orthodontic treatment plan.
  • Answer any questions you may have about orthodontic services.

When is the Right Time for my Child to get Braces?

Many parents wonder when to bring their child in for a consult, our recommendation for an orthodontic consult is before they turn 7 years of age. However, we help children of all ages and there is no need to worry that it might be too early or too late to start orthodontic treatments including braces.Teen Orthodontist in Sun Prairie and Madison WI

Does my Child Need a Dentist Referral to See an Orthodontist?

No, your child doesn't need a referral to have a consultation with one of our orthodontists.

Let our Orthodontic Team Help your Child Improve Their Smile and Confidence.

Our specialists are experts in creating straighter teeth and would love to give your child a healthier and more attractive smile. Schedule a FREE consult and we will provide you with insight and advice 100% free of charge.

Give Your Child a Reason to Smile

Contact us at one of our 4 locations throughout the Madison Area in Monona, FitchburgSun Prairie and West Madison. All of our locations offer orthodontic services for children and adults of all ages.


Dental Health Associates of Madison Orthodontists

Orthodontist Audra Long, Madison WI
Orthodontist Dr. David Allen, Fitchburg Madison
Orthodontist Ammar Alsamawi, Fitchburg, Monona, Maple Bluff, Sun Prairie, Madison, WI
Orthodontist Stephen Schasker, Fitchburg, Monona, Maple Bluff, Madison

Patient Testimonials 

Jennifer Schnaubelt
Dr Alsamawi is fantastic with our son. We is very professional, a great communicator and provides quality service in ortho care overall. I would recommend him to anyone. The team at DHA AmCenter supports him to round out a thorough level of service for the patient experience.

Tyler Schwitters
Dr. Alsamawi is a great orthodontist and my friends have started seeing him for their braces. Dr. Schasker is great too and I’ve been going to this clinic for over a year. I highly recommend this ortho clinic.

Sarah Anne
Superb Ortho Office, Dr. Long is amazing with patients-including little kiddos! Highly recommend.

Joelle Hutter
Orthodontist (Dr. Long) & the hygienists here are amazing. I’ve had two daughters go thru braces & it is always a pleasant experience. Now they both have perfect teeth & couldn’t be happier! Thank you everyone!

Carla Schwitters
Dr. Schasker has taken great care of me and my brothers. I love how my teeth look now. He is an amazing orthodontist! His assistants are the best too!

Ashley Vos
Dr. Schasker is amazing with kids. He always tries to be as gentle as possible and is constantly apologizing if it is in any way painful. Would definitely recommend him for anyone who needs a good orthodontist.

Julia Miller
Dr. Allen and his staff are awesome! Chris did a great job with my daughter's braces. Highly recommend!

Pam Guilbault
Although we don't love having two kids in braces, this is the best place to be for it! Dr. Allen is kind, thorough and always explains what his plan is and why. From the front desk, to billing, to hygienists, everyone there is friendly and makes sure the kids are comfortable and know what to expect at each appointment. We have always been able to schedule a time that works for school schedules and my schedule.

Dental Health Associates of Madison Orthodontic Clinics in Madison, Fitchburg, and Sun Prairie

Dental Health Associates East Orthodontic Clinic
East Orthodontics49 N. Walbridge Ave. Madison, WI 53714608-246–3691Tues - Thurs: 7:45a - 4:30p, Fri: 7:45a - 12p
Dental Health Associates South Orthodontic Clinic
South Orthodontics2971 Chapel Valley Rd. Fitchburg, WI 53711608-661-6420Mon - Thurs: 7:45a - 4:30p, Fri: 7:45a -  3:30p
Dental Health Associates West-Gammon Orthodontic Clinic
West Orthodontics7001 Old Sauk Rd. Madison, WI 53717608-833-6112Mon - Thurs: 7:30a - 4:30p, Fri: 7:30a - 3:30p
Dental Health Associates AmCenter Ortho Clinic, Sun Prairie Wisconsin
Sun Prairie Orthodontics5002 AmCenter Dr. Madison, WI 53718608-467-3050Tues - Thurs: 7:45a - 4:15p