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If you or a loved one have found yourself in the midst of a sudden crisis dealing with teeth issues, then the first thing to remember is not to panic. Dental Health Associates of Madison is ready to help.

Call our office right away during normal business hours and, if the emergency occurs outside of our business hours we can assist you with our emergency dental services. Simply follow the prompts on our office telephone line to be connected to an emergency dentist who is on call. The dentist will triage your situation and help decide the best course of action.

Here’s a look at some common dental emergencies and what to do about them before you are seen by our emergency dentist.

For Knocked Out Teeth

  • First, if the knock-out was clean, you may be able to fix the situation on the spot. Pick the tooth up by the crown (the part you bite with) and try very carefully to put the tooth back into its socket. Do not touch the root and be sure that you are inserting the tooth with the correct side facing out. Teeth that are reinserted like this within an hour of coming out have a good chance of being re-implanted correctly.
  • Next, whether you’re able to re-implant the tooth yourself or not, call our emergency dentist and arrange to be seen. We can determine if the fix can be made with your natural tooth or if a dental implant would be required.

For Broken, Cracked or Chipped Teeth

  • Sometimes when a tooth breaks, patients feel nothing, while others report excruciating pain. Stay calm and rinse your mouth with warm water. Spit the water out into a cup to see if any pieces of tooth come out.
  • Take pictures of the problem area and then call our office immediately. The more information you can give over the phone, the better, and you can email us the photos of the issue.
  • In general, broken or cracked teeth that are causing pain will require immediate, same day attention by a 24-hour dentist.
  • Cracked or chipped teeth that are not causing pain can be seen at a later time. In non-emergency situations, dentists will often schedule two appointments: one for a full consultation to determine the extent of the issue and a second for the repair work.

For more information about these and other dental emergency situations in Madison, WI, contact us today at Dental Health Associates of Madison.

Emergency Dental Clinics in Madison

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