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Which Denture Type is Right for You?

Choosing your first dentures can be a complicated process. Your smile is one of the first things that you’ll notice in the mirror every day and is what others will see when they first meet you. So it’s important to find the right dentures for you and the professionals at Dental Health Associates of Madison will work with you to determine which type would suit you best.

Here’s a look at various types of dentures.

  • Full Dentures.  These dentures are designed for those needing to replace a full set of teeth, whether it’s their top row of teeth, bottom row, or both. Full dentures are characterized by a flesh-colored acrylic base that snuggly fits over the gums to attach firmly to either the roof of the mouth or the bottom. To be fitted with this type of dentures, your dentist will first have to remove any remaining teeth and special order a denture set based on your jaw’s shape.
  • Partial Dentures.  If you have just a few teeth missing, then a partial denture set is likely all you need to fill in the gaps. Your dentist will outfit you with a set that uses clasps – most commonly metal clasps – that grip and attach to your natural teeth. They may also be attached to the crowns on natural teeth for an improved fit.
  • Flexible Dentures.  Similar to partial sets, flexible dentures are comprised of softer materials than traditional options. Many utilize a thin thermoplastic like nylon that offers wearers a much more comfortable fit and feel in their mouth. Because they don’t have any metal parts, they also tend to look more natural and blend seamlessly into the users’ mouth.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures.  Where full and partial dentures are designed to slip over your gums, implant-supported dentures are surgically attached to implants in your jawbone. This process will generally take two or more visits but they have the advantage of being the most stable of denture choices.
  • Immediate Dentures.  These are temporary options that are placed as soon as your natural teeth are extracted, generally in preparation for full dentures. This allows you to avoid being without teeth during the period in which your mouth heals and gum and jawbone reform. Depending upon how long it takes your jaws to take their final healing shape, you may have a series of immediate dentures over the course of up to a year.

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For more information about dentures, choosing the right fit and type for you, contact the friendly professionals at Dental Health Associates of Madison. We have helped hundreds of Wisconsin residents with their denture needs and we are confident we can help you as well. Call us today!

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