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Momentum Insurance Plans Dentists MadisonMomentum’s dental plans are a cost-effective solution for individuals and families from all walks of life. Whether you’re employed but don’t have dental coverage, between jobs, no longer eligible for coverage under your parents plan, or retired, Momentum has a variety of plans to meet your specific needs. With a simple 4 minute enrollment process, signing up to get premium dental care is easy. Contact Momentum to find out the specifics of what your dental plan covers.

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Dental Health Associates of Madison accepts patients with Momentum insurance plans.

DHA Madison Partners with Momentum Insurance Plans

Providing the Best of Both Worlds – Dental Insurance and Dental Care

Momentum Family Dentists MadisonFor over four decades, Dental Health Associates of Madison has provided top-quality dental care to families and individuals across Dane County. With seven office locations in the greater Madison area, and three specialty practice areas, finding a local dentist near you has never been easier. Our compassionate team of dentists are continually accepting new patients!

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Momentum Insurance Plans offers two dental plans specific to Dental Health Associates of Madison – the Individual Gold Plan and the Individual Platinum Plan. These plans are perfect for students, couples, families, and seniors looking for quality coverage at affordable prices. There are no waiting periods on diagnostic and preventative services to boot!

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