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Dental Recontouring

Safely and efficiently improve the surface texture of teeth

Our clinics across Madison offer you options for dental recontouring procedures.  

Occasionally teeth may have small defects or chips in them that might not need a filling or crown to fix. When simply rounding a corner or smoothing an edge of a tooth will fix the problem, your dentist may be able to perform dental recontouring.

Also called tooth reshaping, this type of recontouring focuses on removing small chips or imperfections in a patient’s tooth. When only minor alterations are needed to change the shape or size of a tooth, your dentist may be able to simply “buff out” tiny areas of enamel to change the look of your teeth. If you think you are in need of this procedure, talk to your DHA dentist. They will assess the teeth in question, take an x-ray if necessary and discuss the expectations of this treatment.

dental reshaping
icon representing dental reshaping procedure

Dental Recontouring Procedure

At your recontouring appointment, your DHA dentist will use a special sanding disc or a fine diamond bur to remove the small amounts of tooth enamel. To reach imperfections between teeth, your dentist may use a strip of sandpaper to shape and smooth the sides. Once shaped, your dentist will finish the process by polishing your tooth or teeth.

Dental Recontouring FAQs

Not at all. Work is only being done on the outside layer of the tooth’s enamel where there aren’t any nerves to cause you pain.

If you have any subtle imperfections in the texture or shape of your teeth, dental recontouring could be the perfect treatment for you. It’s an excellent way to make detailed improvements to your smile. Plus, the procedure is fairly simple and hassle-free.

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