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Dental Emergencies


If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call Dental Health Associates of Madison immediately.

In case of a dental emergency, call your nearest Dental Health Associates office immediately. Outside of normal business hours, Dental Health Associates has an on-call dentist available 7 days a week to triage your situation and help decide the best course of action.

Call Dental Health Associates for assistance if you are experiencing any of the following common dental emergencies:

  • Tooth pain
  • Broken tooth/teeth
  • Facial or gum swelling
  • Facial trauma

Can I get emergency treatment if I am not a DHA patient?

Yes. We welcome new patients and would be happy to help you with your dental emergency. If you are not a Dental Health Associates of Madison patient and are in need of urgent dental care treatment, contact us at 608-284-5400.

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Dental Situations That Aren't Emergencies

In some cases, oral issues that develop after hours or over the weekend do not need immediate attention. However, if you have a concern or are not sure how serious your situation is, please call Dental Health Associates and a dentist will be happy to assist you.

Missing Crown

If you are not experiencing pain after losing your crown, it is most likely not a dental emergency. It is important to contact one of our dental clinics to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Chipped tooth

If have a chipped tooth but do not have any pain, it may not be a emergency. We recommend that you contact your clinic or a clinic location near you to schedule an appointment with one of our family dentists.

Missing filling

If you have no pain when your filling falls out, assess the area closely. Is your tooth broken? Are you in pain? Is your face or gum swelling? If none of these things apply to your situation, it may not be a dental emergency.

Patient Information

We encourage new patients to fill out a new patient form online prior to your first appointment. Be sure to select the appropriate location for your new patient forms, as once you complete them, they are sent electronically to the office you’ve chosen. 


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