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Dental X-Rays

Dental Health Associates uses the latest in digital x-ray technology

Making it safer for you and better for the environment! 

As part of the Dental Health Associates commitment to excellent preventative care, your Dental Health Associates dental hygienist will occasionally take x-rays of your mouth. Dental radiographs are invaluable aids in diagnosing, treating, and maintaining oral health. By examining your x-rays, your Dental Health Associates dentist can catch cavities developing in your teeth, gum disease or bone loss and begin treatment right away. That quick response will likely result in less pain and discomfort for you, less damage to your teeth and less intrusive treatment.

dental x-ray of lower jaw
icon representing bitewing x-ray

Common Types of X-Rays

Your Dental Health Associates team is committed to using the latest in digital technology when taking x-rays of your teeth. With digital radiography, digital sensors are used instead of photographic film to record pictures of your teeth. With the use of sensor technology Dental Health Associates is able to further reduce the low levels of radiation emitted from taking dental x-rays.

Bitewing X-Ray

This type of dental x-ray is typically taken once a year, and normally during your cleaning appointments. It is used to see between your molar teeth to look for cavities, especially in between your teeth and under existing fillings or crowns.

Panoramic X-Rays

This type of x-ray allows your dentist to assess your entire mouth, including the jaw bones, using a single image. It may be used to check wisdom teeth, plan for dental implants, or screen for problems in your jaw and surrounding structures.

Periapical (PA) X-Ray

This is a single x-ray of a single tooth, taken to asses the tooth in question from cusp to root tip and beyond. It is often used when a tooth is causing pain to a patient or more information is needed regarding a certain tooth.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

If you have any concerns or questions about x-rays, ask your Dental Health Associates dentist.

green leaves representing ecofriendly digital x-rays

More Ecofriendly

Digital x-rays are environmentally friendly. Environmentally harmful chemicals needed to develop film are not required.

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More Time-Effective

Digital x-rays are less time-consuming for you. The results are displayed on a computer screen. There is no waiting for film to be developed.

illustration representing x-ray radiation

Less Radiation

Because digital sensors are better detectors of radiation than film is, less radiation is required by digital x-rays to capture the images.

Dental X-Rays FAQs

Regular screening x-rays are recommended once a year. By examining screening x-rays, your Dental Health Associates dentist can detect cavities while they are still small, thus preventing larger and more extensive treatment. X-rays also are valuable to gain further insight into a problem area, for example, a toothache.

Unfortunately, untreated dental infections can pose a risk to the baby, and dental treatment may be necessary to preserve the health of the mother and child. Radiation from dental x-rays is extremely low. Even so, your Dental Health Associates dentist will take every precaution to minimize any possible radiation exposure by using a lead apron as protection.

Insurance coverage varies greatly for each individual policy. To find out what percentage may be covered by your insurance plan, refer to the information provided to you when you enrolled, or call the 1-800 number on the back of your card to ask a representative. If you need help obtaining this information, a Dental Health Associates front desk staff member would be happy to help you. If you are a Dental Health Associates patient, our financial coordinators will help you obtain an estimate of coverage if requested.

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