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LANAP Laser Treatment


Dental Health Associates offers periodontal services at three of our convenient locations.

LANAP is a minimally-invasive, patient-friendly periodontal surgery. This procedure is the only treatment for periodontitis that is clinically proven to regenerate bone and soft tissue. LANAP laser treatment is much less invasive than other periodontal procedures. Many of our patients have mentioned that they felt the treatment was gentle and provided them with positively impactful results.

LANAP protocol has been approved by the FDA for regeneration of soft tissue, ligaments, and bones within the mouth.

What to Expect with LANAP Treatment

LANAP laser surgery is staged into 2 visits. Your first visit will treat one half of your mouth, the second visit will treat the second half of your mouth. Each visit will be approximately 2 hours and each are completed within a week of each other.

After surgery you should be able to resume your regular activities and return to work. You may experience soreness, throbbing, and mild aching for the first few days after your surgery. You will need to adhere to a liquid or mushy diet. It is important that you do not floss or brush for the first 7 days after surgery.

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Benefits of Laser Treatment for Cold & Canker Sores

Cold sores are a common nuisance most of us have had to deal with at one time or another. Usually appearing around the lips, and sometimes on the cheeks and chin, cold sores can cause physical discomfort and self-consciousness. Although cold sores only last about 2 weeks, they are highly contagious. While there are home remedies and over the counter ointments for cold sores, the best they can do is reduce pain and redness. The most effective treatment for cold sores is administered with dental lasers. Dental Health Associates of Madison offers this quick, pain-free treatment for cold sores and canker sores.

If you are prone to cold sores and recognize the tingling sensation that precedes an outbreak, laser treatment can usually stop an outbreak in its tracks by eliminating the virus before it can spread. Because treatment time is so quick, we can usually work you into our schedule on short notice.

Instant relief from discomfort

Recurrences are less frequent and less severe post treatment

Affordably priced, and may even be covered by insurance

Treatment is painless and takes only 15 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions about LANAP

  • Probe is placed inside mouth to determine depth of pockets within mouth
  • Laser removes diseased tissue and germs
  • Tarter is removed using ultrasonic scaler
  • Laser modifies bone structures
  • Pockets are cleaned, gums and tissues have been stimulated to create new growth, laser seals in pocket area
  • Gums begin to heal
  • Bones and tissues heal and regenerate

We use a soft tissue dental laser to heat the lesion, which eliminates the virus inside. Whether the sore is external (cold sore) or internal (canker sore), the most you’ll feel during the treatment is a little warmth. With the virus eradicated, the healing process is greatly accelerated.

Laser treatment numbs the nerve cells around the cold sore, so you’ll feel instant relief. The treatment also stimulates your body to form collagen, which promotes faster healing.

Early treatment prevents newly discovered cold sores from progressing. Even if your cold sore is advanced, laser treatment will alleviate most of the pain and speed up the healing process.

Laser treatment at Dental Health Associates only takes about 15 minutes. One treatment is all you need. Within 24 hours, your cold sore will dry up and you won’t feel any discomfort. After a week, the cold sore is usually completely gone.

Not all insurance providers will cover laser treatment for cold sores, so you’ll need to check with yours before scheduling an appointment. If it’s not covered by your provider, you’ll find the treatment is priced reasonably enough to pay for it without help from your insurance.

It is up to each person to determine if the LANAP treatment will be benefit them. LANAP treatment offers a wide range of benefits in a minimally invasive way. Treating gum disease is important not only to ensure you retain your current tooth structure. It can also decrease your risk of suffering from other health problems.

Patients that have moderate to severe gum disease or want to have a minimally invasive treatment.

There are many benefits of the LANAP treatment in comparison to conventional surgery such as less pain, sensitivity, swelling, and bleeding. You will also experience less downtime, a decrease in infections, and faster healing and regeneration of the tissues.

Every patient has different needs and the individual cost will vary. We will work with you to create a financial plan that will meet your needs.

Patient Information

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