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Non-Surgical Periodontal Procedures

Healthy teeth begin with healthy gums

Dental Health Associates offers periodontal services at three of our convenient locations. 

Maintaining healthy gums is vital to keeping your teeth healthy. The soft tissue of your gums provides blood flow that nourishes teeth – that’s why it’s called periodontal, meaning “around the teeth.”

Don’t fall for “periodontal myths” – the gums are very important!

Every time you brush, you support gum health by massaging this tissue. Flossing also helps by curbing formation of dental plaque under the gum line. A variety of non-surgical periodontal treatments can also help by stimulating and protecting gums.

stages of periodontitis
icon representing laser treatment

Laser Treatment for Desensitizing Teeth, Cold Sores, & “Blue Spots”

Advanced dental lasers are making it easier than ever to perform sophisticated treatments in a single visit. In fact, procedures are now available that have never been possible before. No matter what symptoms you’re experiencing, laser treatment may help.

Desensitizing benefits

Laser treatments can be used to desensitize teeth that are experiencing hypersensitivity to heat, cold and other sensations. This can lead to lasting relief and is much more effective than topical agents for sensitive teeth bought over the counter.

Cold sore relief

Laser treatments can also eliminate cold sores and certain types of imperfections in the gum tissue. Because they are so precise, the odds of side effects are minimal. Relief is immediate, but some issues, like cold sores, might eventually recur depending on your health.

Periodontal Maintenance

Just like your teeth, your gums may need occasional cleanings to achieve optimum health. These periodontal maintenance cleanings can be performed using specialized tools. This allows for the elimination of plaque, tartar and stains without harming gum tissue. Laser treatment is also available on a case-by-case basis.

It’s a good idea to ask your dentist about maintenance each time you come in for a regular cleaning or checkup. Many patients will not need maintenance every visit, but it helps you to locate and resolve gum issues before they can develop.

scaling root planing

Scaling & Root Planing

Also called periodontal deep cleaning, scaling and root planing is used when there is infection under the gum line – where traditional cleaning can’t reach. Scaling and root planing can be performed when infections have damaged the gums, causing pockets between gums and teeth.

During scaling, all of the hardened plaque above and below the gum line is removed. After this is done, root planing takes place. It refers to “smoothing out” the roots of the teeth so the gums can effectively reattach to teeth. This usually requires a local anesthetic.

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