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Dental Health Associates - South Clinic

Residents from Fitchburg to the University have access to reliable dentists to serve their entire family’s dental needs. Our Dental Health Associates South Clinic is a full-service facility featuring General and Family dentistry, Orthodontics, Periodontics, and children's dentistry. We welcome the opportunity to provide our services to you and your family at one of our seven Madison area clinics. Please contact Dental Health Associates at our South Clinic today!


For more information about what you can expect (due to Covid-19 protocols), please watch the video below:

University & Fitchburg Dentist Office

DHA Madison Specialty Dentists at this Location:

These doctors provide Madison family dentist services from our location on Chapel Valley Road. Clients are primarily drawn from surrounding communities like Fitchburg, Stoughton, Lake Mills, Sun Prairie and Madison.

Services Provided

Family & General Dentistry

The dentists at our South Clinic will make sure that your entire family is smiling brightly. Our focus is on your family’s long-term dental care needs. Our dentists can provide a range of services from preventative treatments to cosmetic dentistry.

In our offices, we can provide regular cleanings and dental exams, perform extractions and fillings, install crowns and implants, replace teeth with dentures, and even provide you with customized night guards.

Our family dentists also specialize in children's dentistry. We provide dental cleanings and preventative treatments for your children in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Remember, young children should have their first dental exam by age one. Learn more about our children's dentists in Madison.


With extensive training in dental surgery, dental implants, crown lengthening, and bone & gum grafts, Dental Health Associates of Madison's Rebecca Weightman, DMD, MS, and Amjad Nazzal, DDS, MDS, are the best options for you to get your periodontal work done.


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with preventing, diagnosing, and treating dental and facial deformities. At the south clinic, David Allen, DDS, MS, and Ammar Alsamawi DDS, MS, treat these problems with a variety of options including metal, ceramic, and clear braces including Invisalign among other things.


Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that is focused on the areas surrounding tooth roots. Our Endodontist Nick Anders, DDS, MS is focused on restoring your teeth and ensuring long lasting results. He has years of experience in endodontic treatments including root canal treatment. 

Emergency Contact Information for South Clinic Patients

If you reside in Madison, Fitchburg, Verona or the surrounding communities and are experiencing a dental emergency, please call the South Clinic at (608) 661-6400. We will do our best to ensure you are treated as soon as possible. If you are calling outside normal office hours, follow the prompts on our phone system to reach our on-call emergency dentist. The dentist will triage your situation and help decide the best course of action.

At Dental Health Associates, we believe in providing quality care to all patients, both those with no insurance and those covered by the nation's leading insurance providers.

4.8 stars on Google
Oct 22,2019
Paul Newby, II
5 stars on Google
Great service from the front desk to my debriefing with my dentist Dr. O'Brien! I would like to also give a big shoutout to my Dental Hygienist Janelle, she has some great skills when it comes to cleaning without a ton of pain. Thanks Janelle!
Oct 15,2019
Tim Morrissey
5 stars on Google
We have been patients at Dental Health Associates for more than 25 years and wouldn't change for anything. They are cordial, professional, and always explain our options to us. We think Dr. Sweeny is the best dentist in Madison.
Aug 30,2019
Arline Hess
5 stars on Google
I had my yearly dental appt with Dr. Dan O'Brien in August of 2019. My husband and I have had him for many years and if we weren't happy, we would have left a long time ago, but such is not the case. He's not only very professional, but personable and easy to talk with. When I ask a question, or the answer isn't quite clear to me, he doesn't hesitate to explain in more detail so I have a better understanding before I walk out the door. That's important to me. A smile says a lot about a person, and not everyone that works with the public does that, but to "me" it means and says a lot! And it's easy to see when it's fake, but Dr. O'Brien has a warm smile and a good heart and we'll be with him 'til he retires, which hopefully isn't any time soon! "Thank you" for all you do for us, Dr. O'Brien, to make sure we have a healthy mouth, which contributes to a healthy life. :)
Aug 26,2019
Molly Grupe
5 stars on Google
I've been a patient at Dental Health Associates Madison - South Clinic for over 10 years, and always look forward to my biannual visits (yes, you read that correctly!). My dental hygienist, Pam, is a phenomenal human being who demonstrates care and compassion in her work; Dr. O'Brien is infallibly positive and treats his colleagues and patients with respect. As a team, Pam and Dr. O'Brien have provided me with information about new products and approaches related to dental hygiene, have answered questions related to my insurance coverage, and have facilitated important consultations with the periodontal experts upstairs on my behalf. I would absolutely recommended DHA to anyone seeking dentistry services from a friendly and caring staff in a clean and safe environment.
Aug 26,2019
Virginia Huber
5 stars on Google
At 9:57 on a Saturday night, a crown fell from my mouth into the sink. It was too late to contact a dentist unless in emergency, but since there was no pain, I was told a dentist would call at 7:30 the next morning. And at that time, a dentist did call, answered my questions. He advised me to call at 7 am on Monday morning for an appointment to address the problem. I did and at 8:30 the same morning, my own dentist took care of me. Many thanks.
Aug 20,2019
Tara Bright
5 stars on Google
Dr. O’Brien is an Awesome Dentist! He is very knowledgeable and thorough with every visit. My family and myself have been his patients for 17 years! I would definitely recommend him for your dentist! Thank You for taking great care of my family!
Aug 21,2019
Sharad C
5 stars on Google
I have been visiting Dental Health Associates for over 30 years, and have gotten excellent treatment all these years. They have always been very helpful and flexible in scheduling appointments. Dr. Daniel O'Brien is an excellent, caring and a friendly dentist. During all these years, the dental hygienists did their part very professionally and courteously. I would highly recommend Dental Health Associates and Dr. O'Brien to anyone looking for first rate dental healthcare providers.
Aug 28,2019
Mark Mulligan
5 stars on Google
I have been seeing Dr. O'Brien and Lynn for well over 15 years. I feel I get excellent care from both. They take the time to answer any questions that I have and are always concerned about my well being. I feel very comfortable in the office and they are both very friendly. I highly recommend them.
Jul 15,2019
Mike Blair
5 stars on Google
I don't always get the best news from Dr. Lovcik, but he does what needs to be done and does an excellent job. Two years later and my review hasn't changed. EVERYONE at DHA is so helpful,
Jun 25,2019
Lynn Retzlaff
5 stars on Google
Dr. Sweeney is the best! He puts my mind at ease (dental phobe here) and does great work. I'm grateful for having found this clinic. The staff and service are excellent and I highly recommend.
May 29,2019
Wayne Winquist
5 stars on Google
Outstanding service on all levels. I sent a message over the holiday weekend about a broken tooth and received a call before the practice opened on Tuesday. They got me in and I received excellent care. This was my first restoration. The previous two visits for routine care were also 5 stars.
Apr 10,2019
Dan ''Spiffy'' Neuman
5 stars on Google
I've been going to Dr. Johnson pretty much my entire adult life. I've always been impressed by his kindness and bedside manner. Either his memory is incredible, or he takes copious notes about his patients, because he always asks me about my work, family, etc, and remembers every detail. Most of the time I just go in for cleaning, one time I had tooth pain that needed to be addressed right away and they got me in within a few days. I've had a couple times when a filling he had done previous needed to be corrected, and he was able to do so without charging extra. I am under the impression they are not the most affordable of dental clinics, but they accept my insurance, and the copay seems reasonable. I couldnt imagine going anywhere else.
Feb 6,2019
Denny Conway
5 stars on Google
I have been going to Dr O'Brien since he originally started his practice over 20 years ago on Fish Hatchery when he took over his practice from his father who was also a Dentist. He and his dental hygienist(s) are always courteous and efficient. He only performs procedures that are necessary and has always provided the alternatives and options clearly to me and allowed me to make informed decisions around my dental care.
Feb 5,2019
Bethany Westerfeldt
5 stars on Google
I have been coming here since I moved to Madison (for over 25 years), and I find the people here are professional, friendly (hats off to Dr. O and J!) and do a great job with teaching prevention, doing the routine maintenance and other procedures. They make the experience easier and definitely more fun than I thought it could be! I definitely recommend this clinic for dental care!
Feb 19,2019
Kathleen McNeil
5 stars on Google
Dr. O’Brien and his team of hygienists actually make going to the dentist a positive experience! They are always on time and the entire group is friendly and enthusiastic. They do a very thorough job of cleaning my teeth (and my children’s teeth) but do so without causing any discomfort and always explain what they are doing and what they see. And Dr. O’Brien is the best! He, too, is always friendly, he is very knowledgeable and always takes time to explain any problems he sees or procedures that might we needed. He, too, takes great care to make sure that he treats his patients with as little discomfort as possible.
Feb 24,2019
d young
5 stars on Google
I have been going to Dental Health Associates for almost 40 years. And, I have enjoyed doing so. First with Dr. Richard O'Brien and then with his son, Dr. Daniel O'Brien, after his dad retired. Two always friendly guys with friendly staffs. And, quality work. Daniel Young Madison, WI
Feb 21,2019
Ignacia Boersma
5 stars on Google
I didn't care for my first dentist here, but now I see Dr. Sweeney and I think he's easy to talk to and he's gentle. I've gone through fillings and crowns with him and my family sees him. I've liked all the hygienists I've seen and the receptionists are helpful, too.
Feb 20,2019
Natalie Rutherford
4 stars on Google
Dr.O'Brien has been my dentist since I moved here in 2013. He's very thorough and professional. I get my teeth cleaned twice a year and the dental hygienists have all been really friendly. Susan gets every speck of plaque buildup. There's always someone at the desk to take phone calls and you get a text reminder before your appointment which is handy. I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes past my appointment time to go in. This clinic is currently getting a remodel but here's a pic of the cleaning room. I'm detracting one star because I have had a couple experiences where they suggest they can do a quick fix somewhere without numbing. I absolutely can not tolerate that (which I discovered after I started crying the first time) so make sure you are firm on what you need!
Feb 28,2019
David Seligman
5 stars on Google
Each visit over the years, whether routine checkups or crown work, have all been done professionally and comfortably. All of the dental hygienists have been extremely nice and do outstanding work. Dr. Sweeney has always been very careful to explain the what and whys of the work that truly needs to be done. I appreciate a dentist who can identify an issue but also identify whether there is an immediate need or one that can wait. Dr. Sweeney has always been careful and measured with his recommendations and I trust his thoughtful recommendations.
Feb 27,2019
Donna Klahn
5 stars on Google
This remark is in regards to Dr Daniel O'Brien. I have been a patient of his as long as he has been a Dentist. I have nothing but the highest regards for Dr O'Brien and his staff. The level of care he and his staff provide for his patients is exemplary. Always making sure my needs are met during and after a procedure is performed. I highly recommend Dr O'Brien as a Dentist.
Jan 9,2019
Amber Ramos
5 stars on Google
Saw Dr. Weightman and her team for a minor cosmetic surgery. Would highly recommend! She talked me through the whole procedure and made me feel comfortable the entire time! Was pain free the entire procedure! As someone who is not a fan of going to the dentist- this was a great experience!
Jan 3,2019
Sharon Deminsky
5 stars on Google
Had to have my onlay cemented again after Christmas candy. Dr. Lovcik did this for me in 2014. In and out. Tooth feels great!
Jan 31,2019
Kevin Runde
5 stars on Google
Dr. Beth Wagner is amazing. I suffer from sever anxiety and the Dentist Office. Dr. Wagner is very kind, understanding, and does everything she can do to make me comfortable.
Dec 14,2018
Sara Peterson
4 stars on Google
Such a fantastic place, very welcoming. My dentist is very easy going which makes going to the dentist a breeze!!
Nov 14,2018
Rebecca Petersen
5 stars on Google
Went in to get a cap for a cracked molar. Staff were great at explaining the process so I understood what to expect and put me at ease. It was an efficient, painless appointment. This was my first tooth repair, so I was pretty nervous but it ended up being a great experience.
Oct 18,2018
Brianne Ravenwolf
5 stars on Google
I really like the South Clinic! Donna & Dr. Wagner are superb! They are keeping my teeth healthy and happy. This makes my smile brighter and more pleasant. Thanks again and see you both in April 2019!
Oct 18,2018
Deborah Miller
5 stars on Google
The entire staff was extremely pleasant. I needed an emergency tooth repair, I was visiting Madison for work when this happened. I was literally in and out a little under an hour. The professionalism, courtesy, timeliness, passion and patience cannot be put into words. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH! I HIGHLY recommend this Dental Clinic.
Jul 8,2018
Tom Bentz
5 stars on Google
I've been going to see Dr. O'Brien for many years, and he and his staff have always provided great care. Dr. O'Brien is friendly, knowledgeable and explains everything so I understand any treatment he recommends and what I should expect. His staff of hygienists (I think I saw Susan last time) are always friendly and take great care with cleanings and X-rays. It feels like a small clinic where everyone knows each other. Always a great experience at the Fitchburg DHA office!
Jul 12,2018
Chris Kauffold
5 stars on Google
This Clinic fits my needs perfectly! OK first time posting on Google so hoping I don't mess this up too badly. Look, what do I need from a Dentist and a dental office? They are great at scheduling my appointments, great at sending me the reminders, great at not leaving me sitting in the waiting room, the folks at the counter, the technicians, and the Dentists are friendly and helpful, they have added the new ultrasonic cleaners and wow do they clean! Everyone is professional and friendly and fast, so whaddya want from a dental office, works great for me!
Jul 21,2018
Jennifer Arians
5 stars on Google
Our family has been going to Dr. O'Brien & Dental Health Associates of Madison - Fitchburg location for over 10 years now. We are extremely satisfied with the dental care from Dr. O'Brien, Dana, Rose & the entire staff. You will always be greeted with a welcoming feel as you enter their dental office, receive great dental care where they help you understand what dental work they did or might need to do, plus get to know your family along the way (that hometown personal touch & conversation). Thank you to the entire staff for always taking such great care of our family and always making us feel good about coming to the dentist!!
Jun 14,2018
Robert Lehman
5 stars on Google
Dr. Dan O'Brien has been my dentist for many years. He, along with the hygienists, and the entire staff always perform at the highest level of professionalism and skill. I trust Dr. O'Brien and know he always treats me with my best interests in mind. When I needed a root canal he sent me to the best endodontist in Dane County. He uses the highest standard of care and has the latest equipment to make procedures efficient and painless. It is a comfort for me and my family to have such a superb and trusted dentist.
Jun 8,2018
Kim Snyder
5 stars on Google
I have been going to Dental Health for 40+ years. Everyone is so nice. Always a pleasant experience. My kids have only ever gone to Dental Health and they are now 39 & 36 yrs old with Dr Walthers until his recent retirement. I have been with Dr O'Brien who is awesome. I changed to a different dental company for 1 yr because of insurance reasons and could not wait to get back to Dental Health. They earn more than 5 stars.
Jun 13,2018
Andrew Shulla
5 stars on Google
I just want to thank Dr. Dan O'Brien and his entire team for the outstanding experience I had with my last visit to Dental Health Associates. My wife and I and my four kids have been patients of Dr. Dan O'Brien's for over 20 years, and we feel honored to have Dan as our dentist. He does an outstanding job and his team is even better. They're always courteous, on time, and provide good advice on how to care for my teeth. Thanks again Dan and staff. - Andy
Jun 7,2018
Pam Guilbault
5 stars on Google
Although we don't love having two kids in braces, this is the best place to be for it! Dr. Allen is kind, thorough and always explains what his plan is and why. From the front desk, to billing, to hygienists, everyone there is friendly and makes sure the kids are comfortable and know what to expect at each appointment. We have always been able to schedule a time that works for school schedules and my schedule.
Jun 7,2018
David Reese
5 stars on Google
I have been a patient of Dr. O'Brien since 1990. He was great then as he is today. My hygienist Lynn is always super. Considerate of my feelings and teeth. I have recommended both to my family and friends. I regret the day either one leaves!
May 29,2018
Liz godfrey
5 stars on Google
Dr. Brett Veerman has been my dentist for over 30 years! That in and of itself is a testament to the excellent dental care he provides. I have never had any trouble with crowns or fillings, as he is meticulous in patient care and resolving dental issues. Debbie and Vicki are skilled and personable hygienists and I look forward to my appointments! Thank you, Dr. Veerman, Debbie K., and Vicki K.
Apr 12,2018
Kyle Knier
5 stars on Google
I've been going to see Bret for many years and I highly recommend him if you are looking for a new dentist. The staff is very professional and their office is always immaculately clean.
Mar 23,2018
tammy schroeter
5 stars on Google
my daughter was so scared to go get her teeth done but Dr. Scott Johnson put her mind at ease. she had a 2 hour appointment that day and asked him to do her front teeth also. she smiles all the time now thank you to the wonderful help from his assistant also. 😁
Feb 9,2018
Marcia Melotte
5 stars on Google
Love this clinic. Dr. O 'Brien and Susan are the best! I have recommended them both to family and friends.
Feb 28,2018
Marianne McCrary
5 stars on Google
I never have liked going to the dentist but this office is different. From the minute you are greeted by reception to cleaning to seeing the dentist, they all treat you like family. Vicki is always thorough, explains things that she notices and is fun (yup fun in a dental office) and Brett is always thorough, fun and great to see every 6 months. Thanks for making these visits easier.
Jan 9,2018
4 stars on Google
Doctor Amjad Nazzal is my periodontist. So far he has performed one implant procedure. He is a kind and capable man, friendly and outgoing. He is fun to talk to and knows how to explain things simply and clearly. I had very little pain during the full course of the dental implant visits. I am glad that he was my periodontist and am considering having a second implant tooth surgery.
Jan 9,2018
Michael Trevis
5 stars on Google
Dental Health Associates South Clinic is great. Dr. Brett Veerman is friendly and efficient, and my dental hygienist, Heather, is the best I've ever had! Also, setting up appointments has been very easy, and my appointments run on time.
Jan 11,2018
Sandy Geier
5 stars on Google
My dentist is Dr. Brett Veerman. I've been a patient of his for many years (even followed him from his previous practice) and have had everything from small fillings to crowns. I'm always happy with the experience and the results. I appreciate that they run on time, but I don't feel rushed. And when we talk about my treatment plan, there's never any pressure to get something done right away. They're very transparent about what needs to happen and what can wait. And can I just say that Debbie, my hygienist, is the best! I highly recommend this clinic.
Dec 4,2017
Deborah Lieber
5 stars on Google
Dr Brett Veerman has always taken great care of my teeth since 2000. I have a crown on my front tooth that he is incredibly careful to match carefully—shape and color—to my other teeth. I moved away from Madison, but I still drive two hours round-trip to see him. He’s the best and so are his hygienists. Five stars!
Dec 6,2017
Lisa Bloomfield
5 stars on Google
Dr Veerman and his staff provide excellent care, they are very attentive to detail and our appointments are always on time. A relative recommended him to us many years ago after our dentist retired. Today our entire family sees Dr Veerman. We don't feel rushed during appointments and really feel the staff has taken the time to get to know us over the years.
Dec 19,2017
Peter Anderson
5 stars on Google
I have been going to Dental Health Associates for nearly 30 years. They have always been caring and professional but it also feels a bit like family. I highly recommend their services.
Dec 19,2017
Miranda K
5 stars on Google
Super friendly and very punctual. Even when I've had to wait an extra 10-15 minutes, I am always out of there in 30-45 minutes. The staff are all so kind and helpful.
Nov 2,2017
Hannah Miller-Reynolds
5 stars on Google
Both my mom and I, have been seeing Dr Veerman at Dental Health Associates for years and they have always taken good care of me and my smile. The receptionists always greet me with a smile, the hygienists are kind and good at what they do, and Dr. Veerman has always been great. He always asks about my family and has never tried to talk me into unnecessary procedures, but when something is necessary he will go out of his way to make sure it is done right. I had a filling put in a year ago and it was causing me some grief due to cold sensitivity, his office got me in within a week and replaced the filling at no charge. Even though I have lived all over the greater Madison area I have always made the drive to Dental Health Associates South Clinic and will continue to do so.
Nov 7,2017
Roman Reynolds
5 stars on Google
I am very pleased with the service at Dental Health Associates. Dr. O'Brien and his staff (Chrissy, Lynn) are always professional and compassionate. I'm always amazed at the level of enthusiasm I witness from every one starting with the front office receptionist up through the Dr.'s. I have been with them for over 10 years and expect it will be many more.
Nov 9,2017
5 stars on Google
Are you are looking for a new dentist or might you want to switch from your current dental provider? Look no further. I switched about 10 years ago to Dr. Dan O'Brien & his staff at DHA South. Not only do I find him to be expert in his work, but also he has hired a great team to work with him. He is in touch with a fine set of professionals across Madison, if you ever need a referral. Look no further! Good people. Good dentistry.
Nov 2,2017
Hannah Winters
5 stars on Google
Both my mom and I, have been seeing Dr Veerman at Dental Health Associates for years and they have always taken good care of me and my smile. The receptionists always greet me with a smile, the hygienists are kind and good at what they do, and Dr. Veerman has always been great. He always asks about my family and has never tried to talk me into unnecessary procedures, but when something is necessary he will go out of his way to make sure it is done right. I had a filling put in a year ago and it was causing me some grief due to cold sensitivity, his office got me in within a week and replaced the filling at no charge. Even though I have lived all over the greater Madison area I have always made the drive to Dental Health Associates South Clinic and will continue to do so.
Oct 10,2017
Denise Kalscheur
5 stars on Google
Dr. Dan O’Brien has been our family dentist for many years. We have continued to have him as our dentist because he is so knowledgeable, kind, and responds to his patients’ concerns. In addition, the dental hygienists who assist him are able to put the patient at ease and provide excellent care. If you are looking for a dentist, the members of our family highly recommend Dr. O’Brien and his able staff. Denise Kalscheur
Oct 18,2017
Marc Messina
5 stars on Google
My family and I have been going to the Fitchburg South Clinic for many years. We have always receive excellent, professional and friendly care. Dr. Veerman and his staff are all the best.
Oct 31,2017
mason flanagan
5 stars on Google
So accommodating and kind. I arrived 45 minutes late for my appointment but I was still given an appointment immediately even though the clinic was very busy. Dr. O'brian especially, was extremely professional.
Sep 7,2017
Kathy Grzybowski
5 stars on Google
As someone who dreads going to the dentist, I am so grateful to Dr. O'Brien and his team for the excellence in the services they provide and for their concern with patient comfort. They genuinely care about me and my dental health. I'm not just another patient on the schedule. They take the time to listen to my concerns, patiently explain next steps, and very gently proceed. I owe my healthy smile to Dental Health Associates. Thank you!
Sep 1,2017
Dawn Ferengo
5 stars on Google
Dental Health Associates is a great clinic. I always get in and out on time. They are very efficient. They are very kind and respectful. I highly recommend them.
Sep 27,2017
Donna Wong
5 stars on Google
I have been a patient of Dr. McClain's for the last 30 years and now my kids see her too. We've always had great experiences. The hygienists are all wonderful.
Sep 27,2017
Tammy Mauel
5 stars on Google
I have been a client of Dr. Obrien's for over 10 years and I can't speak highly enough about the wonderful care I have received at Dental Health Associates South Clinic. From the receptionists on everyone is absolutely wonderful! They are always available, even same day emergencies, and once I was out of the country and had a dental emergency, I called in tears and the staff was ready to help! When I go in for an appointment it is like catching up with old friends. Susan my hygienist, and Krista Dr. Obrien's assistant are very skilled at what they do, and my comfort and safety are their top priority. Lastly I want to add that I feel like the staff genuinely care about my oral health, and don't ever feel like they are trying to do anything for an extra profit. I highly recommend them and give the clinic and staff a 10 out of 10!
Aug 28,2017
Pamela Midbon
5 stars on Google
I had a very good experience with Dr. Anders at the South Clinic. I had been in pain for over a week due to a dying and infected tooth. Dr. Anders and his assistant Joe performed a root canal. It didn't take me long to recover and I'm very thankful to have my life back. Thank goodness for skilled endodontists like Dr. Anders.
Aug 23,2017
Jenna Luchsinger
5 stars on Google
Super friendly staff! Making my appointment was so easy and fast, they got me in within a few days of calling as a brand new patient! Dr.McClain was great, she fixed my super sensitive tooth and followed up to see how I was!
Aug 25,2017
Cory Newmann
5 stars on Google
I have been going to this clinic for over 14 years, and their care and professionalism has always been exceptional! Thanks to the staff there, people are frequently complimenting me on my fantastic smile. Thank you Dental Health Associates South!
Aug 30,2017
Robert Beggs
5 stars on Google
Exceptional orthodontic care. Exceptional professionalism by all staff members. Dr. Allen is excellent at his craft. Makes kids and parents feel at ease. I would highly recommend Dr. Allen and his staff.
Aug 15,2017
sarah swanson
5 stars on Google
Not a fan of going to the dentist, but the experts at Dental Health associates in Fitchburg are interesting to talk to so I almost look forward to visiting them for my checkups and dental work. When getting the work done they are very efficient and have excellent communication. Highly recommend!
Aug 29,2017
Gale Stone
5 stars on Google
Friendly, courteous, helpful. I came in at 7:20 am with a dental emergency. Was out by 8:05 having been seen by my regular dentist. Yay! As a person in the public eye (a teacher) I am most appreciative of having my smile taken care of so promptly in emergencies.
Jun 28,2017
Andrea like the Fault
5 stars on Google
First time patient, perfectly pleased. Dr. Johnson was recommended to me by a long-time patient who displays excellent judgement in all things. While I got out with a clean bill of health (no cavities) the staff and atmosphere where great, Dr. J was very kind, not pushy or fear mongering, and I look forward to going back in 6 months.
May 17,2017
Mike Blair
5 stars on Google
I don't always get the best news from Dr. Lovcik, but he does what needs to be done and does an excellent job.
May 17,2017
Els Anderson
5 stars on Google
I have been a client at DHA and a patient of Dr Johnson for quite a few years. All I can say is that I have received only the best care by Dr. Johnson as well as his staff. He knows me and my teeth and always treats me with appreciation and respect. His skill and expertise is evidenced by the great condition my teeth are in and I hope will continue to be for many more years. Thanks for your excellent care !
May 24,2017
Richard Barker
5 stars on Google
Friendly staff, very professional, perfect service. They were able to give me an appointment the same day and instantly rebuilt the tooth i smashed. Great service.
Mar 15,2017
Razvan Alex Mezei
5 stars on Google
I just put a second crown and Dr. Lovcik and his assistant Mrs. Shelley both did a really great job (again!). Both crowns feel like they are the natural teeth with no weird gap to the gums. I most strongly recommend them.