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Orthodontics FAQs

Our orthodontists provide a wide range of orthodontic treatments including: traditional metal bracesceramic braces, clear aligners (including Invisalign®), and orthodontic appliances

Technological improvements over the years have allowed us to straighten teeth with far less force and discomfort than you would expect. Modern braces are likely to cause discomfort after application or tightening, but pain is becoming a less and less common effect. If you are experiencing pain or unbearable discomfort after having your braces applied or tightened, contact your Orthodontist to learn about relief options

There is no such thing as an ideal age to receive orthodontic treatment. Healthy teeth can be straightened at any age, and any patient can improve the look and function of their teeth. Though most orthodontic treatments like braces are often applied during a patient’s teenage years, treatments for adults are highly successful. Adult treatment may take a little longer due to denser bone tissue, but the end result will be just as good.

The price of orthodontic treatments including braces will vary based on the treatment plan and services. We create a personalized orthodontic treatment plan for all of our orthodontic patients.

All of our orthodontic clinics have payment plans and financing options.

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We encourage new patients to fill out a new patient form online prior to your first appointment. Be sure to select the appropriate location for your new patient forms, as once you complete them, they are sent electronically to the office you’ve chosen. 


Medical and dental insurance can be confusing. Our staff has experience with your questions and can help you get the most from your insurance.

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