Sedation Dentistry in Madison, WI

Sedation Denistry in Madison, WIDespite the many advances in modern dentistry, statistics show that a significant number of Americans still avoid going to the dentist because of fear or general dental anxiety. Literally millions of people still are afraid to visit the dentist, even though dental anesthesia and sedation dentistry have never been more capable than they are today of ensuring that you feel no pain whatsoever.

These stats trouble the experts here at Dental Health Associates, because we know just how many potential patients are missing out on proper dental care – because of anxiety that is no longer warranted with today’s techniques of dental anesthesia and sedation.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry, in effect, removes the single greatest reason that you and millions of Americans every year have for not visiting the dentist. When conducted by our expert dentists at Dental Health Associates, you’ll be placed in a completely aware and relaxed state with the help of nitrous oxide, during which you’ll be able to converse with your dentist and observe and respond to your surroundings. This sedated state prevents you from feeling the slightest discomfort of the procedure.

Of course, an anxiety is also eliminated, as nitrous oxide also conveys mild feelings of an unworried euphoria to the patient. This so-called “laughing gas” is also preferable to other options for dental anesthesia because the effects wear off soon after the procedure has been performed. Essentially, there’s no “downtime” and you can resume the rest of your day.

Dental Health Associates of Madison

All the dentists at Dental Health Associates are proud members of the Madison, WI community. With families of our own, we appreciate the wonderful effects of proper dental care, and the techniques that alleviate the fears of our patients, leaving them confident and assured as they leave our offices pain-free.

We are confident that we at Dental Health Associates are the best provider of sedation dentistry near you and our friendly receptionists are standing by for you to call and request a consultation.