Dental Bridges in Madison and Sun Prairie, WI

In the modern world of dentistry there are several options available for replacing lost teeth. A dental bridge is one of several long lasting solutions for a missing tooth or teeth.

Affordable Dental Bridges in Madison, WIYour teeth work together to help you eat, speak and smile. When you've lost a tooth, any or all of these functions can be impeded. Eating and speaking may become more difficult. You may feel embarrassed by your smile or avoid smiling altogether. Long term consequences of missing teeth include the shifting of adjacent teeth into the space left behind by your missing tooth, and the loss of supporting bone where your tooth used to be. A dental bridge is a dependable replacement option for missing teeth that can restore proper function to your mouth and restore the appearance of your smile.

A fixed bridge consists of multiple crowns linked together. This means that teeth on both sides of the open space are covered by "caps" which support a fake tooth or teeth in between them. This prosthetic appliance is cemented in place, and is not removable from your mouth. It is made in a dental laboratory out of metal, porcelain, or ceramics. Your Dental Health Associates of Madison dentist will guide you to decide which material is best suited for your bite and esthetic needs.

A dental bridge will:

  • recreate the appearance of having all of your teeth
  • replace the chewing surface that was lost
  • maintain the shape of your face and support your lips and cheeks
  • prevent extra stress on the other teeth in your mouth
  • prevent alteration in your speech

Dental Bridge FAQs

Why should I replace my missing teeth?

When a tooth is lost, it is important to replace it. Choosing not to replace teeth can lead to increased wear of the remaining teeth, shifting of teeth, trauma to tissues, and differences in speech.

If you have one or multiple missing teeth in a row, or if the teeth surrounding your missing tooth are in need of crowns, a bridge might be the perfect replacement option for you.

Are there other options for replacing my lost tooth?

Yes. Bridges are just one of several options for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Implants or removable partial dentures are also good solutions. Your mouth is unique and your teeth may not be good candidates for a bridge. The location of your missing teeth and the health of your remaining teeth, gums, and bone are important factors in determining which replacement solution is best for your individual mouth. Your Dental Health Associates of Madison dentist will help you choose the best option for you and your smile.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a dental bridge?

The cost of a dental bridge varies depending on how many teeth are involved, the material it is made from, and if there is additional dental work needed to complete the bridge process. Insurance coverage for a bridge can range from 0% to 100%. Your specific coverage depends on your insurance company and individual plan.

To find out what percentage may be covered by your insurance plan, refer to the information provided to you when you enrolled, or call the 1-800 number on the back of your card to ask a representative. If you need help obtaining this information, a Dental Health Associates front desk staff member would be happy to help you. If you are a Dental Health Associates patient, our financial coordinators will help you obtain an estimate of coverage if requested.

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