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New Location, Familiar Smiles, and a Warm Welcome to Dr. Brent Killian!

Dr. Brent Killian, Family Dentist Downtown Madison

At Dental Health Associates of Madison, our enduring commitment to your oral health remains unwavering. For years, we’ve taken pride in serving the Madison community at the heart of Downtown Madison, positioned just off the Capitol at the corner of Pickney and Mifflin. Our clinic has been a reliable constant, delivering a spectrum of dental services to our valued patients. Now, with the addition of Dr. Brent Killian to our team, our commitment to your dental health takes on a renewed strength.

What Sets Us Apart

Experienced Team
With over fifteen years of dedicated practice, Dr. Killian has earned recognition as one of Madison Magazine’s top Dentists, showcasing his commitment to excellence in the field.

Community Connection
We cherish the bonds we’ve formed with the Madison community over the years. Your trust motivates us to continually strive for excellence in dental care.

Accessible Location
Positioned at the corner of Pickney and Mifflin, our clinic is conveniently located, ensuring easy access for our patients in downtown Madison.

Your Dental Experience Matters

At Dental Health Associates of Madison, we understand that each patient is unique. Our commitment goes beyond just providing dental services; it’s about creating a positive and comfortable experience for you.

Our team of excellent dental professionals is here to bring out your best smile. If you have any more questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please use our online appointment request form.