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New Location, Familiar Smiles, and a Warm Welcome to Dr. Brent Killian!

Dr. Brent Killian, Family Dentist Downtown Madison

At Dental Health Associates of Madison, our enduring commitment to your oral health remains unwavering. For years, we’ve taken pride in serving the Madison community at the heart of Downtown Madison, positioned just off the Capitol at the corner of Pickney and Mifflin. Our clinic has been a reliable constant, delivering a spectrum of dental services to our valued patients. Now, with the addition of Dr. Brent Killian to our team, our commitment to your dental health takes on a renewed strength.

What Sets Us Apart

Experienced Team
With over fifteen years of dedicated practice, Dr. Killian has earned recognition as one of Madison Magazine’s top Dentists, showcasing his commitment to excellence in the field.

Community Connection
We cherish the bonds we’ve formed with the Madison community over the years. Your trust motivates us to continually strive for excellence in dental care.

Accessible Location
Positioned at the corner of Pickney and Mifflin, our clinic is conveniently located, ensuring easy access for our patients in downtown Madison.

Your Dental Experience Matters

At Dental Health Associates of Madison, we understand that each patient is unique. Our commitment goes beyond just providing dental services; it’s about creating a positive and comfortable experience for you.

Our team of excellent dental professionals is here to bring out your best smile. If you have any more questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please use our online appointment request form.

Madison’s Premier Dentists: Meet Dental Health Associates’ Award-Winning Team

Dental Health Associates of Madison, Voted Madison's Top Dentists 2023

Top Dentists 2023 - Dental Health Associates

Doctor-owned dentistry provides wrap-around care for patients

As a dentist, how do you ensure your patients get the best care? You buy into the practice, of course! That’s just how Dental Health Associates is structured: as an organization owned by its doctors, the decisions are made in house, with a patient-first mindset.

Decades of Excellence

The organization was started in 1969 and has been providing quality care to Madison and its surrounding communities for more than 50 years. They employ specialists in general dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, and orthodontics. With 30 providers across seven locations, Dental Health Associates (DHA) provides patient access, convenience, and seamless care like no other.

Empowering Dentists

At DHA, the essence of uniqueness lies in the empowerment of its dental professionals. In a refreshing departure from the norm found in larger organizations, the dentists here enjoy a level of autonomy that allows them to make crucial decisions for their patients. Dr. Brian Sweeney, a partner and general dentist, emphasized the significance, stating that being in control of your own practice allows the freedom to build a stronger relationship with patients and staff. It allows you to have the freedom of choice which leads to better care.

Seamless Care

“One of the things that differentiates us is that most of our referrals to specialists are done within the practice, which means that all of that patient information is readily available and there is a direct line of communication between the providers,” Sweeney said. “The patient’s treatment plan is much easier to follow, and oftentimes, providers can communicate about a patient in person. It’s very cohesive for both the staff and the patients.”

Community Commitment

Aside from providing accessible and exceptional care to their patients, DHA takes great pride in actively engaging with and contributing to the communities they serve. The owners and staff believe in the importance of being a visible and caring part of these communities. By being actively involved, they ensure that their presence is felt, and it demonstrates their genuine care and commitment to the well-being of the people they serve. This community-centered approach further strengthens the bond between DHA and the communities they have been serving for over 50 years.

Exceptional Patient Experience

“At Dental Health Associates, patients can anticipate a warm and non-judgmental environment where open communication and patient education are paramount. Our focus on preventive dentistry and modern dentistry reflects our commitment to providing excellent long-term dental care with a conservative approach. We place genuine emphasis on the well-being of our patients, ensuring they never feel pressured. Instead, they experience care, attentiveness, and ease throughout their entire dental journey.”

Our team of excellent dental professionals is here to bring out your best smile. If you have any more questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please use our online appointment request form.

Celebrating Excellence: Our 2023 People’s Choice Award Win

DHA - 2023 People's Choice Winner for Best Dentist

We are excited to share some wonderful news with our cherished community and readers. For yet another year, we’ve been recognized with the esteemed 2023 People’s Choice Award for Best Dental Practice in Madison!

This accolade stands as a testament to our enduring commitment to delivering top-tier dental care and the unwavering support we receive from our exceptional staff, devoted patients, and the community we take immense pride in serving.

A Tradition of Excellence

This victory signifies more than just an award; it embodies the trust and faith our community consistently places in us. Our tradition of excellence is a source of immense pride for our entire team.

Over the years, we’ve strived to create a dental practice that not only offers top-quality clinical care but also fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere where patients feel comfortable. Your dental experience should be as stress-free as possible, and this recognition tells us we’re achieving that goal.

With that being said we want to mention 3 key factors and that ensure that we are the best:

  • Our Exceptional Staff
    Behind our practice’s success lies a team of dedicated professionals. Our staff goes the extra mile every day to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. This award is as much yours as it is ours.
  • Our Wonderful Patients
    Your trust in us is our most prized accomplishment. We understand that dental visits can be intimidating, and your confidence in us motivates us to continuously improve and provide exceptional care.
  • Our Supportive Community
    Madison isn’t just a place; it’s our home. We’re honored to be a part of this vibrant community and are committed to giving back in every possible way.

What’s on the Horizon?

As we bask in the glow of this victory, we also look to the future. We are dedicated to upholding the high standards of care and service that have earned us this award. Furthermore, we will continue to invest in the latest dental technologies and techniques to ensure our patients receive the most advanced and effective care available.

Thank you, Madison

Once again, we want to convey our heartfelt appreciation to our extraordinary staff, patients, and community for propelling us to the pinnacle as the Best Dental Practice in Madison. This achievement would not have been possible without your unwavering support.

Here’s to many more years of serving our community and ensuring that every smile remains healthy and happy.

November is National TMJ Awareness Month

tmj causes and treatment

What is TMJ?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a hinge that connects your jaw to the side of your skull. It allows for your jaw to move up and down and side to side, so you can talk, chew, and yawn. Any problem that prevents the muscles, bones, and joints from working together can result in Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD).

TMD is characterized by pain and dysfunction of the TMJ and/or the muscles surrounding it.

Common Symptoms associated with TMD

If you have any of these symptoms you may have TMD:

  • Pain in the TMJ or jaw muscles
  • Jaws that “lock” in the open or closed position
  • Headaches, specifically in the temples
  • Tension in a neck and/ or face
  • Limited jaw movement
  • Clicking or popping sounds in the jaw joint
  • Difficulty chewing or pain while speaking
  • Tinnitus, or ringing in your ears
  • A change in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together
  • Swelling on the side of your face
  • Tooth pain

How is TMD diagnosed?

In most cases, TMD is diagnosed during a dental checkup. Your dentist starts by checking the range of motion of your jaw, determines areas of discomfort. Depending on your symptoms and discomfort level your dentist may need you to have imaging tests to provide you with a diagnosis. These can include:

  • X-rays of your jaws, temporomandibular joints, and teeth to determine the cause of the problem.
  • CT scan of the jaw to show the bony detail of the joint.
  • MRI to see if there are problems with the structure of the jaw or the position of the TMJ disc as the jaw moves.

After reviewing your symptoms, you may be referred to a specialist or oral maxillofacial surgeon. They are specialists in treating TMJ dysfunction and can provide further care and treatment.

What causes TMD?

Possible causes may include:

  • Arthritis
  • Orthopedic problems including inflammation, sore muscles, strained tendons and ligaments, and disk problems
  • Dislocation, injury, tooth or jaw alignment
  • Stress and grinding or clenching of the teeth
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Structural jaw problems present at birth
  • Genes, age and gender (women appear to be more prone to it)

Treatment Options

It is possible for TMDs to resolve on their own but sometimes they require a therapeutic approach:

  • Eating soft foods
  • Limiting extreme jaw movements like yawning and prolonged, repetitive chewing and biting (gum, ice-chips)
  • Wearing a splint or night guard
  • Modifying pain with heat packs
  • Taking pain medication: (anti-inflammatories, analgesics, muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety drugs)
  • Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) injections to reduce muscle mass and inflammation
  • Radio wave therapy
  • Corrective dental treatment to improve your bite and align your teeth

Rarely, a surgical intervention is required and would be determined based on the TMJ symptoms and diagnosis. Three types of surgery include:

  • Arthrocentesis – outpatient procedure which removes fluid and debris from the joint.
  • Arthroscopy – performed under full anesthesia and involves removing inflamed tissue or realigning the disc.
  • In very severe cases where movement of the jaw is extremely restricted, and symptoms are long-lasting, the joint may need to be replaced during an open-joint surgery.

Treatment Options

The outlook for a TMJ disorder depends on the severity and type of the problem. It is possible for TMD to be successfully treated with at-home remedies, but if the condition is caused by a chronic disease such as arthritis, lifestyle changes just may not be enough and the discomfort may increase with time.

If you are suffering from jaw pain and discomfort, it is best to contact your dentist and get an evaluation so they can diagnose and determine what treatments might be right for you. Request an appointment today online or call 608.284.5400