Easy Ways to Get Kids to Brush and Floss

“Please brush and floss.” How many times do parents tell that to their children in a week? One of the most frustrating battles parents wage with their kids is getting them to brush and floss. It is definitely a battle worth fighting, so don’t give up!

Try using some simple tips to encourage them to make the decision on their own. Kids who are taught to consistently take care of their teeth end up the oral-health winners, but getting there isn’t always easy. The professionals at Dental Health Associates know the struggle that parents face and are always willing and able to help you help your kids take good care of their teeth! There are ways to make brushing a consistent habit and making it fun will make your job as a parent easier.

Electric toothbrush

Kids seem to be reluctant to do chores that aren’t fun. Even if adults don’t see dental hygiene as a chore, kids might. So make it fun with an electric toothbrush. You can choose from princesses to action heroes and using an electric toothbrush may do the trick to get them to brush regularly. They are inexpensive and can be replaced if their interests change. Use an hourglass timer to make sure they brush for a full two minutes and let them watch the sand fall as they brush away those “sugar bugs.”

Competition and game

If you have more than one child, brushing and flossing can be a competition. Sibling rivalry can be useful when it comes to who can brush and floss better. Dental Health Associates professionals will be able to decide who has taken the best care of their teeth during their regular check-ups. If your child is too young or doesn’t have a sibling with whom to create a little healthy competition, make it fun by making it a game. Everything is easier when it is fun, especially in a kid’s world.

Choose their supplies

Let your children go with you to pick out their own dental supplies. They can choose their brush and floss. They can pick out which flavor of floss and toothpaste they would like. This may seem like a small thing to adults, but for kids, being part of the process helps them feel like they have an important part to play in their own dental health.

Brush and floss with them

Make sure that you brush and floss with your kids. When your kids see that good dental hygiene is a part of your daily routine, they will be more likely to grow up with healthy habits as well. Show them the proper way to brush and floss. They should also be aware that you make regular visits to your dentist, so they will think that is also part of a healthy lifestyle. Kids pay more attention to what their parents do than we sometimes think. When they see how important your teeth are to you, they will want to keep theirs healthy, too.


Make sure that your children understand the terms that are used to describe dental conditions. You can explain cavities in terms that they understand. Show them pictures of what healthy gums and teeth look like, and show them what teeth can look like if they are not cared for properly.

Dental Health Associates

The professionals at Dental Health Associates appreciate the hard job parents face in making sure that their children stay healthy and practice good dental hygiene. Dental Health Associates welcomes children to our practice and we can provide life-long preventative and complete dental care to the entire family.

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