Affordable Traditional Braces in Madison, WI

Affordable traditional braces in Madison, WIChild and Adult Braces

Using metal brackets cemented onto each tooth, traditional braces are connected to one another with a thin metal wire. This wire is designed to put pressure on all of the brackets, thus moving your teeth into their proper place. The use of other types of appliances, such as rubber bands or springs may also be required. Most of the time, traditional braces are adhered to the front of the teeth, but sometimes, depending on the treatment needs, these braces can also be put on the back of each tooth, becoming what is called lingual braces. There are a few different ways traditional braces can work, so be sure to discuss all treatment options carefully with your DHA orthodontist.

A Range of Dental Brace Options at DHA

The Dental Health Associates of Madison offer the city’s best traditional metal braces for any patient. We provide orthodontic care for children to identify problems early and design a dental plan that minimizes the time braces need to stay on. Orthodontic care can be as effective (if not as fast) at any time in life, however, and nearly 20% of our orthodontic patients are adults.

Traditional metal braces are an affordable and fast way to fix overbite, underbite, and other common orthodontic issues. For patients looking for less noticeable variations on traditional metal braces, the DHA Madison offers ceramic alternatives. Ceramic braces can be white or clear to blend in with teeth. Invisalign clear aligners are another option for orthodontics specifically aimed at older patients.

We at the DHA firmly believe that cost should not be an obstacle to obtaining orthodontic care. We work to provide the most effective dental braces in Madison at affordable prices, offering flexible payment plans to meet your individual needs. If you have any questions about orthodontic costs at the DHA Madison, our financial coordinators are available to answer questions about costs, payment arrangements, billing, and insurance. No matter your needs or means, the Dental Health Associates of Madison will find the most affordable plan to get you the care you need. Schedule an appointment today to determine which of our braces options is best for you.

FAQs and Resources

How To Handle An Emergency At Home

While things can break or poke you periodically, there are few real emergencies during the course of orthodontic treatment. Click on the link below for video assistance with pain, poking wire, sore teeth and broken brackets. 

Emergency orthodontic treatment Madison

Loose band or brace: If a band (metal ring around the tooth) or brace comes loose, it is typically not a significant problem. Simply call our office and schedule an appointment to have it reattached to the tooth. If this happens in the evening or over the weekend, you can call on the next working day. Leaving the loose brace in place is preferred; however, if it is causing discomfort, wax can be placed on it. Or if necessary, you can remove the loose brace by clipping the arch wire with a fingernail clipper that’s been washed and disinfected with alcohol.

Wire irritation: Wires can sometimes shift or break during the course of treatment. If this should occur, call our office for an appointment. If after hours or on a weekend, you can try to bend the wire with a pencil eraser or place wax on the area causing irritation. Also, the wire can be clipped with a fingernail clipper that’s been washed and disinfected with alcohol.

How To Replace A Missing Separator

Click on the link below for video assistance.

traditional braces

What Foods Should I Avoid?

It is important to avoid chewing on pens and pencils or any other foreign objects. Try to limit consumption of foods and liquids that are high in sugar content.

Any sticky foods, including:
Caramel, gum, gummy bears, Tootsie Rolls & Starburst, taffy, etc.

Hard foods, including:
Hard candies, chewing on ice, crusty pizza & bread, corn chips, pretzels & popcorn, corn on the cob, jerky, etc.

How often should I brush my teeth with braces?

Oral hygiene is extremely important while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Brushing after every snack and meal and flossing at least once a day are essential to achieving a beautiful smile.

Can I still play sports?

Yes! We recommend a mouth guard for most sports.

Do I need to see my regular dentist while I have braces?

Yes! Regular checkups with your family dentist are important while in braces. Your family dentist will determine the intervals between cleaning appointments.

A Madison Area Dentist You Can TrustAffordable braces in Downtown Madison

Our experienced dental associates are conveniently located in several areas of Dane county to give you or your child the best braces in the Madison area. We have 4 Orthodontic Clinic locations in Middleton, East Madison, Sun Prairie, and Fitchburg.

Contact Dental Health Associates or schedule an appointment online to get traditional braces today!


Jun 27,2018
Susan Hundt
Dental Health Madison Google 5 star reviews 5 stars on Google
I was a patient of Dr. Walther for decades! He also saw all my kids. I wish him a wonderful retirement. We are happy with our new dentist, Dr. Kroll. The transition has been seamless. Great Clinic, from the Orthodontics for the kids braces to the check ups. Highly recommended.


Jun 7,2018
Pam Guilbault
Dental Health Madison Google 5 star reviews 5 stars on Google
Although we don't love having two kids in braces, this is the best place to be for it! Dr. Allen is kind, thorough and always explains what his plan is and why. From the front desk, to billing, to hygienists, everyone there is friendly and makes sure the kids are comfortable and know what to expect at each appointment. We have always been able to schedule a time that works for school schedules and my schedule.

West- Gammon

Jun 26,2018
Alexa Garber
Dental Health Madison Google 5 star reviews 5 stars on Google
I’ve had braces for almost a year, and it’s been pretty easy. My orthodontist (Dr. Long) is very nice and has really helped my teeth start to straighten. My sister also went to Dr. Long and had an equally good experience. Since my parents have been taking their children here for 3 years, my orthodontist deserves 5 stars!
Jan 16,2018
Joelle Hutter
Dental Health Madison Google 5 star reviews 5 stars on Google
Orthodontist (Dr. Long) & the hygienists here are amazing. I’ve had two daughters go thru braces & it is always a pleasant experience. Now they both have perfect teeth & couldn’t be happier! Thank you everyone!
Jan 18,2018
Weston Oasen
Dental Health Madison Google 5 star reviews 5 stars on Google
Great service and really friendly staff. I had braces with them twice and corrective jaw surgery and I’m very happy with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Allen and Dental Health Associates to anyone considering having orthodontic treatment.

West Orthodontics

Feb 21,2019
Wendy W
Dental Health Madison Google 5 star reviews 5 stars on Google
I cannot express how great Dr. Audra Long and her team members are! As an adult needing braces for the first time, Dr. Long has made me feel comfortable and confident about my treatment plan from day one. I was a little hesitant and nervous about getting braces at first, especially as a business professional, but it's the best decision I have made. I actually look forward to my routine visits because Dr. Long and her staff members treat me like family, they are so kind and professional, and provide the best care possible! I can't imagine going anywhere else for orthodontic care. I highly recommend Dr. Audra Long at the DHA Madison West Orthodontics Clinic! Thank you Dr. Long, Lori, Pam, Lisa, Tammy, Jane, Kim and Janna!
Jul 2,2018
Jeff Glaze
Dental Health Madison Google 5 star reviews 5 stars on Google
I took a fall on my face during a freak accident about 11 months before my wedding date. The spill required filling in a broken tooth, having three root canals and getting braces. By the time I was able to begin orthodontic treatment in October, I was down to eight months left and had become pretty worried about whether or not my teeth could actually be fixed in time for the big day. Dr. Long and her wonderful team did everything in their power to expedite my timeline and make sure the braces could come off by the week of my wedding. Throughout my treatment, I really appreciated their kindness, empathy and humor. It really helped me cope with the residual pain from the accident and make the best of the whole situation. Dr. Long and her colleagues are top-notch people!